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Can this be the Red Dead Redemption 2 Valking Simulator?


Red Dead Redemption 2 is the biggest game of the year, launching on the most profitable weekend at the beginning of some fun estate in history. It's also a walking simulator.

At least that was the argument made by IouTube essayist Mark Brovn in tweet. "It seems that players are actually working as walking simulators, but only in the case of cowboys, and not women," created the creator of the Game Toolkit (which is one of the best critics who work today, although I am alone about treating him mildly) wrote on November 1.

The blink was referring to a rampant reception that was pierced by a walking simulator, Go home, received in some circles. Check out comments on any article or tweet Go home today, and you will find more than the same. Some players simply do not buy that Fullbright's game actually plays.

Go home participated as Katie Greenbriar, a student visiting her family in a new home in Boon Counti, OR, after returning from a semester abroad. Upon arrival, Katie finds that all members of the family disappear. Having read the note that her sister, Samantha, went to the front door, Kati began to explore the new house, hiding the story of what happened to her family through blades of paper, audio records and other parts of the narrative about the environment.

Arthur dead Red Red Redemption passes slowly.

The famous loop

If you play Red Dead Redemption 2, this loop should sound familiar. In a later quest for "Initiation of History," Arthur introduces the old man Jeremiah Composon, sitting on the bench in the city of Rhodes. Kompson caught his house seized by a court and was forced to fight into the hills outside the city. He just wants a few of his valuables back. Arthur agrees – at least Arthur is – went to his house and recovered his pistol, a pocket watch and an old book.

In the hills outside Rhodes you find Compson's abandoned home. Panels cover windows. Emigration notice is announced at the door. Break the door and find it, as in Go home, pieces of paper wipe the house. Explore on (and take out a couple of squats) and find Compson's book. The items listed in the document are not goods, but people.

As you compose pieces, you will realize that Compson was a robber, he released from the plantation that he hired after the Civil War made the abolition of slavery by the reality in the south.

From there you return to Compson's camp, meet him and throw a book in his camp. Compson falls on his knees, crying for his lost past. It is a powerful search and one that relies on accurate mechanics Go home she used her story. This time, they are just located along the combat arms and the road point – following the AAA open world games.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Arthur faces Comstock about his past as a slave owner.

Slow on every road

Even beyond the strange search of this kind, Red Dead Redemption 2 often borrows from the formula for walking simulation. As a sign of a player in Arbitration Metric Paratopic, Artur slowly goes slowly. Although players can shoot, stab, rob, and take away the trains RDR2, Arthur's assumed walking speed and the inconvenience he performs with these actions suggests that Rockstar's highest priority was to provide players in this world.

To this end, the ridiculous amount of objects in the environment is detailed in detail. The plants you choose have root systems that are anchored in the ground. Ammunition, shoulder straps and horse tonics you get are shown in beautifully illustrated catalogs. You get insight into the main and secondary story by reading Arthur's tortured thought in his list in his journal. Red Dead Redemption 2 it focuses on building your world through interactive objects in the environment exactly as walkers do it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan leaves detailed notes and sketches in his journal.

That said, I do not think you can seriously argue that a gigantic open world action game with train drivers, plundering theater coaches, hunting, fishing and stabbing belongs to a genre that is primarily defined by non-violent research. That said, Red Dead Redemption 2 has terribly much in common with the parental genre of the walker simulator: submerged sim.

Red Shame Salvation?

The submerged sim is one of the lesser-known genres in the game, at least partially, because it is difficult to identify. Most genres are defined by one characteristic. FPS puts a gun in your hand and asks you to shoot. Platformers want to jump from A to B. Puzzle games require you to solve the puzzles. Immersed sim, on the other hand, is a loosely defined beast. However, there are several characteristics that are quite standard.

For one, immersed sims share the focus of walking on the eco story. However, in the impressive sims, this narration speaks in the background of the violent world. I can not tell you how many times I'm interrupted by the Splitter attack while listening to one of the BioShockCareful audio recordings. Bad things happen in impressive sizes. The player usually finds interesting tidbits of telling the story by interfering with the ruins of a ruined world (like, for example, Compson's home).

Play your way, partner

Second, an impressive sim takes its approach to design. In standard simulations such as Shame i Deus Ek, players have different tools that allow multiple game styles. E.g, Shame gives players deadly bolts and non-lethal darts. Like Deus EkJ.C. Denton, you can kill your enemies outdoors, by encouraging combat pistols or hitting shadows, typing your bodies in dark corners.

Red Dead Redemption 2 walking simulator

RDR2 takes this system and applies it to a huge open world, shifted to thousands of decisions. Each will affect your style of play and Arthur's morale. Meetings can be bowed or shot by guns. The game often asks you to decide which gang member to send in the fight first. The Honora system follows all these decisions and determines the end Arthur receives at the end of everything.

In the end, immersed sims emphasize the phenomenon. Games like BioShock i Prei have pre-written stories developed by the developers. But they also make room for unique stories that appear while a player is working with game systems, and game systems communicate with each other. Red Dead Redemption 2 has such a story about stories in shovels. Shoot the unarmed citizen on a crowded street in Saint Denis, and watch the game react.

In short, Red Dead Redemption 2 is not a walking simulator. However, the latest Rockstar has emerged from a proud line of games that make the choice of players, the appearance and the story of a high priority environment.

The game does not tell you that Compson was a celebrity catcher. All these documents – save the book – optional pickups. Making a story together is your job. And for moments in Red Dead Redemption 2– Exactly Go home– That's all the gaming you need.

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