If Canyon West decided to look back on its formative days and release "Family Business 2", it must be asked what could be the ultimate result. More Kardashians surely, and perhaps a few Jenner references. Indeed, that would be quite different in every way, although you would not be curious to hear the sequel? Whether such a reality would manifest itself, it is likely that Travis Scott will be hiding, given his closeness to his sister's sister in law.

Still, fans probably remember a little familial drama, which Ezi quickly broadcast on Twitter. The problem, of course, came from the "Sicko Mode", which you believed to have retained a few sneaky disks. Considering Travis's close relationship with his family, you felt uncomfortable with what he considered to be obvious. Fortunately, the two clarified their differences and are currently planning to move on to a clean sheet.

Now, Ezeezi proved himself to be the man of his word. TMZ grabbed a few shots from Ieezi and Kim Kardashian by hitting Travis. Astrovorld stop in Los Angeles, showing support in a tangible way. We are not sure how he could react to the "Sicko Mode", although there is a reason why "sneak" can remain in question. In any case, it's nice to see that harmony once again recovered from Kardashian / West / Jenner den.