Friday , June 2 2023

Carmelo Anthoni should just retreat


Photo: Butch Dill (AP)

Soon, former Rocket Carmelo Anthony missed his third game tonight, with the team calling it a "disease," although it was really held out of a disastrous game against Thunder because Rockets were in the process of removing him and wanted to save his face while he was unceremoniously dismissed by only 10 games after signing. Adrian Vojnarovski from ESPN she reported it Melo and his team are looking for a team to sign it after Rockets inevitably give it up, and it surely seems to be no longer playing for Rockets.

Traci McGrady had a proposal for Melo: withdraw. In this afternoon episode Jump, he and ESPNer member Jackie MacMullan agreed that Melo did enough and that he was doing a bad service in his legacy by entering a career with diminished horizons.

Although Carmelo Anthony obviously fell from the level of all the stars he played two years ago, he can still score on the NBA level. He did not really change his game in a way that many of his older peers have, but he never had the chance to agree with Houston since the season went to such a rotten start. Melo may not even be, say, even a seventh or eighth man in a championship team, and that's fine. This season may have been total bullshit so far for Mela, but he should not fill what remains of his career in the service of something abstract as his inheritance.

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