Friday , May 7 2021

Cats and kittens abandoned in plastic containers on the Alberta Highway

Animal groups seek to find the owners of five cats and 10 cats found this week on the central Alberta highway.

Fellows are saved from plastic containers sealed with tape.

Two containers, which had drilled holes in plastic, were discovered by a passerby along Highway 11 between Stettler and Erskine, a railway line.

Saving Grace The Animal Society rescued animals and transferred them to the care of the Alberta Animal Rescue Society (AARCS) in Calgary.

According to Facebook's Saving Grace, kittens sat in inches of urine and urine when they were saved.

Deanna Thompson, executive director for AARCS, said animals were doing well and that kittens treated some respiratory illnesses.

"Adults look very healthy, they seem to be someone's pet at some point, they are not heavy enough, they are very friendly," she said.

Thompson said they were not sure how long the cats were in containers, but the organization sent a message that someone in those areas noticed these containers in the ditch on Monday, but did not look closer.

Cats are well fed and friendly, which is a sign that they are probably pets, says Deanna Thompson, executive director of AARCS. (Save the Grace Animal Society)

"We often hear animals leaving, to relax on the side of the road, that kind of thing. But if someone goes to the extent of putting them into containers and then dropping them aside, we've never seen anything like this before, Thompson said.

"There are many other options where cats recovered, except that they leave them as rubbish."

Thompson said that cats will be kept until they can determine whether cats are owned by someone, then they will probably go for adoption.

Alberta SPCA explores.

Animal rescue groups hope someone recognizes cats, these containers, or cover labels, so they can help identify who abandoned animals. (Save the Grace Animal Society)

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