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CC Sabathia is undergoing a heart attack, it is expected to recover completely – Athletic


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A week from December 10, Iankees's leftist CC Sabathia was to monitor Red Sok Center Jackie Bradley on his trip to London, England to promote a series between two AL East rivals set for London in June 2019.

But just before the scheduled departure, Sabathia began to experience symptoms of acid and heart reflux, and noticed that it began to sweat faster than usual when riding a bicycle.

Sabathia, 38, decided to leave. However, even after struggling with the stress test, he could not even imagine the news he intends to receive.

He had a blockage in one of the arteries that led him out of his heart, and in a few days asked for a procedure in which doctors would put a stent in order to open the artery.

The procedure, known as angioplasty, is not unusual – more than half a million Americans go through one year, according to a 2013 New York Times article.

Sabathia met with doctors on Friday and learned that his prediction was excellent, both short-term and long-term. He is expected to report spring training as planned with Iankees's pitchers and crawlers in mid-February.

The outcome could be different that Sabathia ignored his symptoms.

It would be in danger of a heart attack.

"CC experienced chest pain that proved to be a blockage in an artery from his heart," said Sabathia's agent Kile Thousand of Roc Nation Sports. The Athletic.

"A procedure for insertion of the stent to remove the blockade was made on December 11. The CC works great and will appear in spring training on a regular basis to prepare for the upcoming final 2019 season."

Sabathia, who signed a one-year contract, $ 8 million in a free agent to return to Iankees on November 7, declined comment.

Iankees General Manager Brian Cashman issued a statement after the release of this report:

"We are grateful that the CC was smart enough to pass on its symptoms to our medical staff, and they immediately hired a New York-Presbyterian hospital, which quickly determined the cause of what had bothered him. We also encourage that the CC procedure was executed according to the plan. He is such a dynamic person beyond his excellence in the field, and we will continue with his health at the forefront of our priorities. We will continue to follow the instructions and expertise of doctors – who reported that CC will report in Tampa in February to prepare for the 2019 season. "

The procedure forced Sabato to undergo his normal off-season exercise for a month, but he continued with limited activities, including raising light weight. He will be subjected to a stress test on January 8, and if everything goes well, he will normally start in spring training.

Inserting a stent figure in favor of Sabathia in his cardiovascular work, and a person close to him said that the difference that pitcher has a physical "night and day".

The 2019 season will be the nineteenth Sabathia in the main schools. He made 29 starts for Iankees last season, ending with a 3.65 ERA – his lowest since 2012 – 153 innings.

(Picture by Sabathia: Brad Penner / USA TODAI Sports)

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