Friday , June 2 2023

CEO Suncor Energi Steve Villiams will retire in the spring


Suncor Energi Inc. says Steve Villiams will retire as executive director after the company's annual meeting next May.

Villiams, 62, joined Suncor in 2002 and took over the leadership of Canada's largest energy producer by market capitalization from long-time CEO Richard George when he retired in 2012.

Villiams was one of the leading CEOs in the oil base, insisting that the company recently approved new major expansion projects until the problem of Canadian gas pipeline exports is resolved.

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He also took the lead in supporting environmental initiatives and was one of the four leaders of the energy company that stood in tandem with Prime Minister Alberto Rachel Notly in 2015 when he presented a broad climate plan for the province, which included a growing carbon tax.

The company says Mark Little (56) will sell the title of chief operating officer to become chairman immediately and take over the role of executive director in May.

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He joined the company Suncor in 2008, and has been involved in several management roles in company companies and international and offshore operations.

"It was a privilege to lead Suncourt, now I'm moving to this transition, knowing that it's a good time to do that," Villiams said in a statement.

"Thanks to a sound strategy based on operational excellence and capital discipline, a healthy balance sheet and a constant focus on sustainability and technology and innovation, I am optimistic about the future of Suncor under Mark's leadership."

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