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Comment: It's 2019, Instagram should make an iPad application

In spite of forgeries on Facebook, Instagram seemed to be causing popularity this year.

Even as users of #FreeFacebook and boycotting Twitter, Instagram has built a reputation for a peaceful social network without a fight for democracy and privacy inconvenience. People are even ready to ignore the fact that Facebook owns and runs Instagram! Snapchat's unpopular redesign can also be a factor.

There is something about the limitations of photo and video sharing services that are just healthier for users. Instagram is an eight year old iPhone app – launched in the same year as the iPad. As it appears in 2019, the iPhone limit only is what Instagram needs to remove and finally make the iPad application.

Instagram makes iPad apps

It makes so much sense. Instagram is fantastic for sharing our favorite photos and videos, and iPads are wonderful for both prices and both. Instagram Stories are even lovely (despite being obviously stripped of Snapchat). It looks like IGTV is a complete dud, but the tablet version would be tidy if it were not!

Facebook and Instagram know that the iPad exists. Facebook works on a semi-finished job or supports Facebook and Messenger on the iPad, and Instagram even has two iPad apps for the camera – Hyperlamps and Boomerang – just not, you know, the main application.

(Instagram's Laiout app is also very nice. I see that many people use free alternatives that support watermarked commercials on the collage.) Switch to schedule even if you do not want to post it on Instagram.)

Instagram kills iPad apps

The lack of a dedicated iPad Instagram application was once a chance for developers. Retro for Instagram was a great solution, for example, but Instagram changed its API that allowed developers to access the service in their applications.

Good times, Instagram API, good times

Instagram has killed the market for alternative iPad applications without making its own. Even Twitter for the Mac team has to take into account that the savage – at least they're only handicapped third-party applications after they've killed their MacOS client!

Web applications are not apps

One of the arguments is that the "progressive web application" on Instagram's site is good enough if you save it on the home screen. It's OK, but it's a totally "sweet solution" that can not enjoy the benefits of a real iPad app.

You can also launch the iPhone version in a comic letterboked window or increase it at the price of fidelity resolution, but there is no landscape support, and many iPads are now connected to keyboards.

This, but as a real application, would be better than now

There is a better way

Another argument against Instagram for the iPad is that it is a problem with inherited technology: the quality of the photos may be too low to be properly displayed on the tablet display.

But that's a problem that can be easily conceived! Instagram could deliver a network of photos and even mix ads between! Larger screen, multiple ads! This is my best step for Instagram.

This awesome concept Parker Ortolani is another great example of how Instagram could customize its iPhone app for the iPad without losing visual fidelity on the big screen. I'd like to sit down and review photos and videos on the iPad for Instagram in a dash of information with that natural resolution.

I do not think there is hope to return the Gotham filter, but I am optimistic that Instagram for the iPad simply has to be around the corner. Now that both video and messages and Stories and group video calls and push-to-talk and hundreds of other features are now available thanks to Instagram's decision to aggressively compete with SnapChat, Instagram for the iPad must be next on the list, right? Maybe? Hopefully…

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