Sunday , January 29 2023

Cruiser Marsa Korolev: Massive water tank


Mars is cold, mostly dry, and a place where liquid water appears only flexibly. But water ice exists on the Red Planet, and in the northern lowlands, the Crater Korolev holds a real reservoir at places of about 1.8 kilometers.

This exceptional photo is a combination of five different ribbons of images recombined into one that reveals a crater of 51 miles (82 km) and its ever-present ice. Because of the cold trap phenomenon, when thin air is above the ice, it cools and creates a cold layer that acts as a shield, which keeps the Korolev continuously icy.

The pictures taken by this image were shot by the Mars Space Agency's Mars Space Agency agency that captured images of the Mars surface since 2003.

Korolev was named after the mysterious missile engineer Sergei Korolevu, whose leadership in the Soviet space program led the country in front of the United States by launching Sputnik and later by Yuri Gargarin in orbit. He spent years as a prisoner in Siberia, before being released in 1944 to continue his work in the design of the aircraft. He died in 1966 after complications from minor surgery.

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