Tuesday , January 31 2023

'Diamonds are best friends of girl'


Paris Hilton engagement ring Paris Hilton | Geoff Robins / AFP

Paris Hilton decided on the fate of her ring engagement of 20 tickets.

After calling the abandonment of former fiancee Chris Zilka, the star of reality revealed that he was holding the ring, although their relationship failed.

It makes sense why it does not split with a $ 2.2 million ring, people come and go, but diamonds are forever!

The ring came with lots of publicity

Since her engagement with the actor and model, Chris Zilka, Paris Hilton shows her diamond pear-shaped ring for everyone to see.

When they decided to call to cancel after ten months of engagement, Hilton decided to keep the ring for himself.

She recently discovered SiriusKSMJenni McCarthy gave the ring to a goldsmith, Michael Greene, a tone of publicity from the release of her engagement on Zilki.

Paris Hilton shows her engagement ring Paris Hilton shows her engagement ring | Paris Hilton through Instagram

"The person we got got millions and a million dollars of free publicity," Hilton said. "I like how social media has essentially become a new form of money. Yes, it's pretty sick."

To be real, a ring that is sized and worth so much money would obviously get tons of publicity.

Paris Hilton takes away her chest

Considering the news of her departure from Chris Zilk, Hilton decided to wear a ring for some time.

One week after the division, the successor was spotted in Australia, visiting her wedding finger. After ten months of rocking the stone, Hilton gives her a wedding with a finger, because we are sure that the rings of 20 tickets are a bit on the harder side (I personally do not know).

Hilton took off her engagement

News from Paris Hilton and Chris Zilke broke the titles in November.

After publishing news of their breakup on Instagram, Hilton appeared on a daily conversation, For talk, and discussed the reasons for ending relations with Zilka, saying: "When I fall in love, I worry fast and hard, and that was that romantic twist," she said. "I have always been obsessed with Disnei's stories and love stories, and I thought it would be my lucky end, and after that it was not the right decision."

Paris Hilton and Chris Zilka Paris Hilton and Chris Zilka | Photo: Tommaso Boddi / Getti Images for Maddox Galleri

With all the talk about their breakup, Chris Zilka said he wanted to return the bell, but he did not talk to Hilton since their breakup (AVKVARD).

Couple engaged in skiing in Aspen. The actor opened the question while he and his lady loved at the top of a snowy mountain. The whole thing was filmed on the video, which in a few minutes became viral.

The video Instagram that has now erased us has made us start to love again, but this dream was short lived.

There is no bad blood between these two

Although Zilka and Hilton did not talk to each other about the breakdown, Hilton wants everything best to her former fiancé.

For now, Paris Hilton focuses on her and her career. From the time he canceled his engagement, Hilton was busy with his performances and DJs.

The successor relies on his family since the breakup and plans to spend this festive season in Aspen. Let's just hope that they do not accidentally fall into the place of Hilton's engagement.

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