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Director and President of the St. Michael's College resigns due to a school scandal

Director and President of the School of St. Mihaila resigned over allegations of assault and sexual abuse of students, according to a statement issued by a private school school on Thursday afternoon.

Chief Greg Reeves and Father Jefferson Thompson, the president of the school, have decided to allow the Roman Catholic school to move "forward without disturbing it and allow it to focus on treatment and change after terrible events," said the board of directors of Sv. statement.

"Greg Reeves and Fr Thompson have always put the well-being, education and formation of our students in the first place-and they do it again today," said committee chairman Michael Forsaieth.

"This courageous decision allows us to go forward with our goals: understanding how these events could have happened, the return of our community's trust, and the change of cultural change to our school."

I'm not surprised when I see how this ends.– Jean-Paul Bedard, Master of St

Bill Dunphi, who graduated 50 years ago at St. Michaelu told CBC Nevs that the decision "symbolic action" and shows that the board of the prestigious school "really wants to send the signal to seek a decisive action."

Other alumni, who have accused the school of having a culture of "toxic masculinity" and called for reform, say resignments give school time to deal with basic issues in their classrooms.

"I'm not surprised to see it end like this or at least move in that direction," said convicted Jean-Paul Bedard, a former member of the football team who said he had experienced sexual violence during the St Michael incident 35 years ago.

"This definitely does not solve the problem, but it allows a potential solution."

Alumnus Adam Boni, who graduated in 1987, repeated this and noticed that this is an important step in transparency.

"This change allows the school to move fresh blood at the forefront: a new vision and purpose," he said.

Mainly criticized for dealing with incidents

On Wednesday, the school reaffirmed its support for Reeves and Thompson, after some alumni urged senior administrators to resign, as well as teachers who knew of attacks to retreat.

Reeves, who had previously criticized he had not gone to the police before, defended his actions in an interview with CBC The National hosted by Adrienne Arsenault earlier this week.

He said he gave up contacting the authorities because the alleged victim did not tell his family about the incident.

On Tuesday night, Reeves said that if presented in the same situation, he would "do exactly the same thing".

Adrienne Arsenault speaks to Greg Reeves, director at St. Michael's College, after announcing that the school is launching an investigation to investigate "unacceptable behavior". 3:16

Reeves said he informed the police on November 12, when the administration received a video of the alleged assault that took place in the bathroom. Until that evening, school officials said they received another video of the alleged sexual assault in the dressing room.

Police police in Toronto told Reeves journalists not to report the alleged sexual assault while police officers, who were reported by the media, appeared at the school on November 15th.

Insp. Dominik Sinopoli, who runs the Toronto Sexual Crime Unit, said the school immediately reported the incident.

School of Sv. Michael in Toronto is in the center of the scandal that takes place. (Paul Smith / CBC)

In Ontario, the Ministry of Education requires state school boards to develop protocols with the police, including incidents in which school directors are required to contact the police. Among these incidents is a suspicious sexual assault.

However, many of the standards governing public schools do not relate to private schools, including the duty to report a suspected sexual assault on the police, said John Schumann, a teacher of St. Michael and a lawyer from Toronto who specializes in child rights and education law.

The head of the police in Toronto, Mark Saunders, would not say if Reeves would be investigated for failing to warn the police before he did it.

"It's unfair for me to speculate," Saunders told reporters on Thursday after a meeting of the police service center in Toronto.

Andrev Leung, a former science and physics teacher at St. Michael, was proclaimed temporary president by the board of directors of the school. In the last two years he served as Pastor and Rector of Edmonton County, St. Alphonsus and St. Clare.

Three students of St. Michael College, on the left, appeared in court in Toronto on Monday and released on bail. They will return to the courtroom on December 19th. (Pam Davies / CBC)

Earlier this week, the police filed criminal charges against six students in connection with an investigation into the gang's sexual assault.

The police are investigating six cases involving schoolteachers who teach grades 7 to 12. Some of the incidents are recorded on video and shared online. Police and the school said that two out of six cases involved a sexual assault.

St. Michael also expelled eight student allegations. It is unclear whether any of the eight were among those charged.

Toronto Mayor John Tori, who spoke after a meeting of the police service center in Toronto on Thursday, said he hoped resignments would lead to a new chapter in a prestigious school, and that the new leadership would deal with serious issues raised by the prosecution.

Tori called what is going on in the school "true tragedy for all who are concerned."

Sv. Michael, known for his athletic programs, launched a third-party investigation of the current situation and past incidents. School officials hope that a preliminary inquiry will be conducted by spring with a more detailed investigation until the end of next year.

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