Tuesday , May 18 2021

Does Canada have a new soccer couple in Alphonson Davies and Jordin Huitema? | National Sports

Teenage stars Alphonso Davies and Jordin Huitema have already made their football sign for Canada.

Now the news appears to be coming out of the field.

Publication of social media by 18-year-old Davies and 17-year-old Huitem show their hands in hand – along with pink emoji – and also in Huitem's Halloween costumes dressed as a member of Orange is the new Black.

"The happiest of my partner's birthday in crime," wrote Huitema, adding the key and heart of the emoji.

Davies turned on November 18th.

Both played in Vancouver – Davies with Vancouver Vhitecaps and Huitema with Vancouver Vhitecaps FC Girls Elite REX team – although Davies has since moved to German Baiern Munich.

When asked if those were objects, Huitema stopped Friday before he answered "We are close".

"That's all I can give," she added.

Huitema, born from Chillivack, B.C., is currently in Uruguay, where the captain of Canada is at the FIFA U-17 World Championship.

Huitema has six goals in 15 appearances with a female senator. Davies has three goals in nine starts for the Canadian men's team.

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