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England 3-0 USA: excuses that are thin as frustrated Pulisic & USMNT fall


And 3-0, humiliating in the hands of the inexperienced team, Three Lions left the US backbone frustrated and had excuses in the thin

After six months from the US national team, Christian Pulisic already knew that he had re-joined the transition team. What probably was not ready was a rage team.

They felt as if they were watching Pulisic and USMNT fight through a forgotten 3: 0 loss for England, a game that, if nothing else, served as a good ad, so you never need more than a year to hire a full-time head coach.

Americans came out straight in comparison to very good England, watching as spectators against the team that showed why he finished fourth in last year's World Cup.

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You can diminish the American team slightly by reducing the quality of England, but talk about how the young and inexperienced American team finds a little hollow since the English team thoroughly monitored them for at least 40 years.

"We need to be much better as a team," Pulisic said on Thursday. "We can talk about continuing to gain experience, but that's not why we are here, now we want to win." We want to win these games. I'm a competitor and I know that everyone else was in that dressing room, and that today was not good enough.

"England is a good team and we knew it well, they played well today, we do not take away any of them because they played well, but that if we want to compete with such a side, we have to go out with much more energy and do much better . "

It was a frustrating day for Pulicic, who tried to defeat Borussia Dortmund only once this season, but he had to watch his team in the United States dominate the day when it was the only real threat to the American team.

Interim coach Dave Sarachan has allocated a 4-4-2 formation, while Pulisic is in the big midfield, first on the right wing in the first half, and then on the left wing in the second half. Setup left Americans under men in the middle half, and the decision to leave tennis Adler Adams out of the starting line did not help the opponents who came out in buzz while USMNT began to break.

As ineffective as it was the United States attack, the US defense looked gloomy on the side of England that could have made the first half even uglier than the 2-0 margin.

"We never had them close," said goalkeeper Bred Guzan. "We never came close to the guys, we had too much time and space on the ball and they are too good." They showed in the summer that they are a good team, and they are good players, and then they are a good team. , as we did, they will separate you.

Brad Guzan GFKS

"We defended the first half for literally 45 minutes, and I think we had one chance and that was it. In this game, you will have to be sure that you are ready from the start." We were ready, you never got up at the speed of the game. "

In the end, the American team looked at the desperate need of direction. As a great job as Sarachan did in the ungrateful role of the coach, he was basically serving as a deputy teacher for many years, endeavoring to keep a group of children in a row without any power that comes with a full-time full time coach.

"It's difficult, Dave is doing what he can. It's obvious that he wants these games, like us," Pulisic said. "But, yes, it will help a lot when we get a permanent head coach going forward. A guy with the right plan, the style we want to play, as I said before, and yes, it will help us a lot."

Sarachan's reign as a temporary coach has another match, next week against Italy, and the appointment of a new U.S. coach. Football should follow soon afterwards. When a new man is identified, he will mark the end of the excuse for a team that spent a better part last year to get a pass for some of the forgetful performances, when reality is spoken by inexperience and the lack of direction only explains some of the recent team problems.

"Everyone is probably eager to see who (next coach)," said Guzan. "Not just players, fans, Dave, they were all involved in American football. As a national team, of course, you want this direction and what not, but in the end, when you cross over that white line, to some extent tactics come out of the window and you will have to to play with a little desire and fight. "

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