Sunday , January 29 2023

Epic Games admits you have forgotten to add Vending Machines to Fortune's snow


David Spalinski, who is the Designed Lead at Epic Games, has been pleased to recognize / r / FortniteBR that Epic has forgotten to add fortunate Vending Machines to the snow biome.

Season 7 v7.00 restored quarter of the Battle Roiale map, adding a new biomark with new points of interest such as Frosti Flights, Happi Hamlet and more. Interestingly, the players noticed that there was no Vending machine.

After Redditors on / r / FortniteBR called this seemingly problem, David replied that he acknowledged that the team simply forgot to add Vending Machines to the new biome; a rather funny mistake.

Vending machines were added to Fortune Season 3 with v3.40 Content Update. These machines are essential for the overall flow and target of the game, as they allow players to trade weapons and other materials.

It's no surprise that the players noticed the lack of machines in new places of interest. Apparently Epic was caught in the chaos of the Fortune season 7 that the idea came to mind.

Thanks for calling. Yes, we forgot. Into the biomedical space in the snow we will add the machines for sale at 7.20

In view of this, David convinced fans that the update v7.20 will bring Vending Machines into the winter zone of the map. Would you like to see the map after you add it?

The official update date and v7.20 update has not yet been posted. Epic Games is currently on vacation, so expect an update after the start of the new year.

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