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Exhale support for lonely Cape Breton seniors at Christmas | Local | news


SIDNEI, N. S. – After being photographed on Sunday in Cape Breton on a lonely Sydney, it did not take much time to kiss.

"We received an incredible answer," said Major Corey Vincent of the Sydney Arms of Salvation, adding that many people have come to want to help Jude James, 72, have a happier Christmas.

"We have people who want to invite her to a Christmas dinner and a Christmas dinner and people who will bring a gift card for groceries and things like that."

Vincent said that people were asked to spend time with James.

Knowing how people react when someone has a need, Vincent said he was not surprised by the pouring of support.

"Absolutely not," he said.

"Cape Bretoners are great people, they climb to the plate when the need is great. They are always there. They have certainly proved to be some of the best people in Canada."

In the Post story, James said that a prominent day on Christmas would open her socks hanging in her living room for her beloved cat Jenni. James, whose usual company includes Homecare and VON, acknowledged that it would be nice to have a company for Christmas.

Judi James
Judi James

Vincent said that the story in the Post was corrupted that they actually received e-mails from family members on land that could not be with their parents and were alone alone.

"I had a gentleman who felt the dampening of the story of his heart's desires. He felt really lonely and I would love a friend."

Vincent plans to pick him up one day and take him to a coffee.

"I'm connecting him with other volunteers to spend some time with him. A lot of good came out of this story."

Vincent, who took Christmas in the family he needed on Wednesday, said James was one hundred of the elderly who felt alone, not just for Christmas.

"I encourage people to open their eyes and look at their neighbors and think about coming to someone who is lonely, whether they bring a box of chocolates or warm hugs can go long."

When she heard all the love that came to her, James sounded quivered when he came on Wednesday by telephone.

"I was not interested in watching Christmas stories before," she said, adding that movies would make her feel for herself.

"Now I feel better and it will be nice to watch some."


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James said she was glad to hear that she was talking about the lonely older ones also drawing attention to other lonely guardians.

The Salvation Army is currently occupied with the Red Kettle campaign, with donations that not only go to people who need Christmas, but throughout the year.

"Every cent that fell into that red boiler stays in Cape Breton, and it helps countless people through our programs, through our food banks and even our ABC program, putting healthy snacks in schools. Without community support, our work is impossible . "

If you want to help:

  • Anyone who wants to help Judy James, 72, from Sydney, celebrates a good Christmas, can contact Major Corey James from the Sydney Armed Forces at 902-562-1717.

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