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Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald's Critiques – Dumbledore Jude Lav Sings In Scrap Sequel | Movie


Fever beasts; more crime. This second adventure in the film series of JK Rovling about the unwary young magi-zoologist Noth Scamander, whose work is Eddie Redmaine, takes on an inevitable darker and darker turning point. At first, the story was stuck with snappy narrative revolutions, reactivating characters from the last movie, rescuing them from apparent destruction or loss of memory; there are unresolved mysteries and a general feeling of disturbing forces and complex implications that can save many movies.

Rovling's Wizarding World epic includes concrete references to the Hogwarts universe that we already know and love, the younger versions of old characters, and in some ways has more pre-qualitative looks, with notions of mythic origins. But often often with fantastic adventure, the storms are dragging in and the story inevitably behaves towards the titanic battle of good and evil. It is also spectacular as a wonderful movie for opening, with lovingly realized creatures, witty inventions and lively vignettes. But I could not feel that the narrative tempo was a bit distracting, and that we were convinced, just a little, with a lot of new details. Stressing what: the architectural detail of JK Rovling's creativity is as always inspiring.

Now we have to fight with the dark sorceress Gellert Grindelvald, whom Johnny Depp played with one contact lens in the style of Marilyn Manson. Like Magneto in the X-Menu, he believes in supersilo-superiority; Grindelwald absolutely rejects the idea of ​​a peaceful coexistence with muggles and insists that it is the only real way of survival and the success of the wizard to establish absolute domination over these non-May types – under his own tyrannical rule. And what about his "crimes"? These, it seems, can still be all in the future. The film was set up, as was the first, in the late 1920s, but on the climactic scene of the infamous rhetoric, Grindelwald gave his followers a vision of horror that would come in the next 10 or 15 years: war and destruction. All this, he claims, is what he wants to avoid. But it's ambiguous.

Johnny Depp in the movie

Grindelvald begins in detention, in the way we left him at the end of the last film, the presumed character's character far from canceling to closing. In Paris, we are introduced to a vital vital figure: Credence, a troubled young man whose Ezra Miller, who can hold the key to the future of the wizard. Is it good or evil? The choice is not that simple. Tina Goldstein is also in Paris on a magical business, and the poor Nevt is still in love with her, but she cooled down on him, due to a misunderstanding of his relationship with Zoe Kravitz, who was hired by Newcastle Brother Thesus (Callum Turner), an official magician who is trying to rehabilitate Nevt's reputation with authority. Dan Fogler repeated his mood as Newtown's friend without the monkey, Jacob, who is still with Tina's sister Kueenie (Alison Sudol).

But the most memorable newcomer is the young Albus Dambldore, played by Jude Lew, a charming and charming figure that convinces Newtown that he must travel to Paris to find Credenc and face his fate. Albus is, of course, Newtown's former teacher, and there is a very funny scene when he encouraged the younger Nevt to come face to face with his goddess, the form of his worst fear. The worst fear of Newtown is in the office, so his boggart is a miserable little table with a machine that turns into a monster.

Albus is now known for being gay, and in this film he discovers that he was close to the brothers with a certain character as a young man. In fact, closer to the brothers. The connection was intense. There was complicated blood. But his gainess is only flexible and indirectly represented.

The Fantastic Beasts Movie is spectacular and entertaining as expected, and this is an attractive Christmas event, but some of the wonders, novelties and pure narrative waves of the first movie have been mistaken for the benefit of a more diffused focused plot, widespread among the larger ensemble cast. There is more self-consciousness, the arduous setup of the foundations for a great mythical franchise with apocalyptic struggles is still far below the horizon. I would like to see much more of this top performer, Catherine Waterster, but Redmain's New York becomes the true character: gentle, shy, with a childish quality that really does not change no matter how terrible things are.

Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald's crimes were released on November 16th

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