Sunday , January 29 2023

FaZe Clan reveals a big change in the list ahead of qualifications for CVL Pro League


FaZe Clan confirmed the long-term signing of the Cellium growth prospect.

The legendary CoD team fell Methodz after a somewhat disappointing placement at CVL Vegas. The method signed with G2, which also made changes, but FaZe was not interested in a real swap or trade.

Instead, they signed a former eUnited development player Cellium, who has recently become old enough to compete on a professional level.

Cellium has long been on the radar of the top organizations Call of Duti, as a potential perspective, playing for the cadet teams of the eU, but failed to meet the age requirements in CVL.

FaZe kept the core of his successful VV2 list together and added Methodz to his fifth player due to the Black Ops 4 new rules. However, the top 16 finals at CVL Vegas organized a search or new options.

The method was weird because of its slower style of play, which may not be well-suited with the aggro submarines of FaZe.

Cellium is expected to pick up AR for its new team, although FaZe will be able to try out completely new roles for everyone with a new game.

The current members of the FaZe clan welcomed their new signing, with Dillon's Attach & # 39; Price saying: "Excited to associate with this young animal @ Celi, so much talent and potential."

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