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Horoscope: 17-23. Mart – Hedrov horoscope

Horoscope: 17-23. March

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Take extra time to review the data before going to the office this week.

Consider how far you want to devote yourself to an arrangement or arrangement. Explain the details or strategy in a way that others will see its benefits at the end of the game.

Agreements that are not willing can be achieved. If negotiations are withdrawn in past working hours, move to a restaurant or other social space to maintain the flow.

Be persistent with a bit of humor to alleviate the situation. Present facts or evidence that are fair to the full moon on Wednesday.

Some will need time to adapt to what is expected of them personally or at work.

Plan a trip or check your locations when considering changes.

OVAN: Watch the car and do the time when you want to enter your plans.

TAURUS: Obligations are changing and you can feel the sense of freedom while others accept loosening. Invest.

GEMINI: Others applaud the way you sail into hot water in a personal or business sense. Find good points.

CRAZY: Connect the car with those who have the power or position to do things. Get a deal.

LEO: Your intuition and instincts are harsh and give you ways to manage the circumstances in order to win the winnings.

VIRGO: Sudden or unexpected travels will take you. It can be on behalf of others or help them.

LIBRA: A full moon in your sign gives you the last word in important things with extended impact.

SCORPIO: Decide whether you want to continue putting money into something or removing it for other reasons.

SAGITTARIUS: Generous words or actions on your part will help those who need your influence.

CAPRICORN: Teach or show others what they need to know. It will also benefit you.

AKUARIUS: You admire others and this can cause benefits or other positive results from them.

PISCES: You say or do the right thing to stop the downtime or make others feel worthy of your time.

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