Tuesday , January 31 2023

How to prepare Xbox and PlayStation updates before Christmas


When the Christmas Day hits, a crowd of people will open a completely new Xbox or PlaiStation console, turn them on and wait for gigantic system updates to download and install. Depending on how ghastly players are applying for Microsoft or Sony services to download novelties or playing completely new games – this process may take longer than usual if the company's servers feel tense.

Fortunately, you do not need to download gigabyte console updates at the same time as everyone else. You can actually download the latest version of the system software for the consoles of Microsoft and Sony immediately.

How to create and run an updated Xbox fix

First, you'll need a USB drive. Make sure it is at least 4GB size and formatted as NTFS volume. (You can do this by right-clicking on the USB drive in File Explorer and selecting "Format" or dragging the backup disk on your Mac.)

Visit the Microsoft location and select your console. If you have a newer console, you will immediately switch to a page that allows you to download the latest system update online (called "OSU1"). If you have the original Xbox One console, you'll need to skip several more hoops to check if you can upgrade the system through the console using the embedded Ksokok booting program that can then download alternative versions of the online system monitoring system (" OSU2 "or" OSU3 ", for example).

Hence, the update process is not overly concerned. For example, assuming you are trying to update Xbox One or Xbox One X, you need to print this OSU1 archive and copy the "$ SystemUpdate" file to the root of your USB drive. (As Microsoft warns: "Files should be copied to the root directory, and there should be no other files on the flash drive.")

Then you will turn off and turn off your console, wait 30 seconds, turn it on again, and press and hold the "Bind" and "Eject" buttons. While doing this, you will then turn on the console using the Xbox button. Continue keeping the connection and eject until you hear two "pover-up" tones, as described by Microsoft. Release the buttons and you should start the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter. I'm almost done, I promise.

Plug the USB drive into a free USB port on the console, select the now active "Upgrade system on the network" setting and let it eject.

How to create and run updates from PlaiStation 4 offline

Similarly as before, you will need a USB device with enough space to maintain the latest updated version of the system – currently 460MB for system update or 1.1GB for full reinstallation of the system software for the PlaiStation 4. (I would do the first if you have already set up your system and they only needed the latest updates, and secondly, if you start with a completely new console that never touched it, form it as a FAT32 volume, not NTFS.

Visit the Sony website and download the update file or the latest version of the complete system software. Create a "PS4" folder on your USB drive, then create an "UPDATE" folder. Yes, capitalization is important. Drag the file you download – what should you call "UPDATE.PSP" or "PS4UPDATE.PUP" – into the "Update" folder.

If you only upgrade PlaiStation 4 and do not reinstall entire system software, you only need to plug in your USB device in the console and go to Settings> System software update. It's easy.

If you reinstall the system software, turn off your PlayStation 4. (Turn it off only to be sure.) Insert your USB drive and restart PlaiStation 4 by holding the power button for "at least seven seconds," recommending Sonny to launch the console in safe mode. Select the option "Initialize PS4 (reinstall system software)" and you will be placed.

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