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Income for Life: Here are 3 "Forever Assets" I would buy 2019


Hi, buddies. Again I looked back at three attractive shares with a big cap on the TSKS index. As a brief reminder, I am doing this primarily for RRSP investors, because solid companies with high capitalization offer unmatched portfolio stability in all types of markets and usually give dividends (and acquisitions) from year to year.

He will not make you rich overnight. But if you want to give preference to a steady build-up of wealth and protection, large-cap assets with large caps should represent a significant part of your portfolio.

Let's get to it.

Royal treatment

Leaving our list is nothing else but Roial Bank of Canada (NSK: RI), whose market capitalization is around $ 133 billion. The shares of the bank gorilla have fallen by about 10% compared to the previous year in relation to the loss of 13% Financial index S & P / TSKS.

RBC ended in 2018 on a powerful note. In the fourth quarter, net income rose 15% to $ 3.25 billion. More importantly, the return on equity increased by 100 basis points to 17.6%, while the net interest margin increased by 12 basis points to 2.77%.

"Although increased protectionism and geopolitical risks have created market uncertainty throughout the year, our results have benefited from rising interest rates, GDP growth, a favorable credit environment, and tax reform in the United States," said President and CEO Dave McKai.

With a brilliant 4% yield, the RBC looks like a perfect blue chip for driving in 2019 (and wider).

I understand

With a market cap of 36 billion dollars, Rogers Communications (CCS: RCI.B) (NISE: RCI) is the next on our list. The shares of the telecommunications giant increased by about 9% in the past year compared to a loss of 3% for S & P / CSCS Telecommunication Services Index.

Rogers also moves in 2019 on a high note. In the last quarter, net revenue jumped 17% to $ 594 million while revenue increased by 3%. Wireless postpaid users increased by net 124,000, while monthly rebound improved by 7 basis points to 1.09%.

"We are pleased with the progress and we are confident of the future of this road map," said President and General Director Joe Natale. "Given our strong performance to date, we are increasing our year-long guidelines."

When you combine a consoling beta of 0.6 with a solid 2.7% yield, Rogers could be too good to fail.

Great idea

We round off our list Suncor Energi (CCS: SU) (NISE: SU), which has a market capitalization of about $ 60 billion. The oil and gas giant has fallen by 14% in the past year compared to a loss of 25% S & P / TSKS Capped Energi Indek.

Suncor is doing everything in his power to solve the mandatory production cuts in Alberta and the lack of access to the market. For 2019, the management plans a uniform capital cost compared to 2018, and expects the upstream production to increase 10%.

"All of these projects and the corresponding value they represent are largely independent of market conditions and exit limits," said CEO Steve Villiams, "positioning us well to continue to return the increase in free cash to shareholders through dividends and stock purchases and the strengthening of the balance sheet. "

With Suncor's stock at 52-week lowest prices and a 3.6% sporting performance, now would be a great time to take a long-term position.

lower limit

Here it is, fools: three great "forever good" worthy eyes.

As always, do not consider them as formal recommendations. They are simply strong ideas for further research. Even big actions can disappoint, so much more attention is needed.

Fool on.

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Brian Pacampara has no position in any of the mentioned companies.

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