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Inquiry rumors suggest iOS 13 will reduce compatibility for iPhone 5s through iPhone 6s

A controversial and unspoken rumor from the Israeli city Verifier suggests that Apple's iOS 13 upgrade, expected to be featured this summer at the Worldvide Developers Conference, will discontinue support for numerous iPhone and iPad devices.

The site says iOS 13 will be unavailable for iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, all devices that are compatible with iOS 12.

As for the iPad, Verifier believes that Apple will drop support for iPad mini 2, t iPad mini 3, t iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and possible iPad mini 4. The iPod touch of the sixth generation is listed as a device that will also be incompatible with iOS 13.

If that rumor is true, and we do not know it is because of that Verifier he did not specify the details of where the information was or how it was obtained, she would see that Apple suddenly supported the support for three generations of iPhones, which is a bit incredible.

Apple aims to provide software updates for its iOS devices as long as possible. Both iOS 12 and iOS 11 offers support for the iPhone 5s and later iPad mini 2 and later, and iPad Air and more. In that time iOS 12 started, some of these devices were five years old.

Release of support for everything up to the iPhone 7 would go iOS 13 only compatible with iOS devices from 2016 or later. Two of these devices iPad mini 4 and sixth generation iPod touch, are devices of the current generation, although they can not be until then iOS 13 It runs as updates for both models.

To further question the site's claims, the iPhone 6s lists as a device that does not support iOS 13 without naming the fifth generation iPad. And the fifth generation iPad and the iPhone 6s uses the A9 chip.

Verifier claims that in addition to being denied support iOS 13 on a wide range of devices, Apple will also limit some iOS 13 features for newer models to "upgrade more users to the latest iPhones". While it's true that sometimes iOS features are limited to newer devices due to hardware constraints, Apple has a long history of supporting older devices for years after launch.

Verifier has previously provided semi-accurate information about Apple's plans. In 2017, for example, the site said Apple would bring Group FaceTime to iOS 11. We got Group FaceTime, but not a dock iOS 12.1 in 2018.

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