Thursday Detroit Lions Matthews Stafford speaks to the media after losing to Chicago Bears on Thursday, November 22, 2018, at Ford Fielder.
Dave Birkett, Detroit Free Press

Now it is unofficially official. You're free. Oslobodjen.

From the care of mathematical possibilities. From the study of the table. From thinking that if only Detroit The lions could beat the bears and shock L.A. Rams are on the roll and …

Come on. Let go, let's go. Eat some pies – preferably cherries or apples, or pumpkins if necessary. Make the rest of the sandwich with Turkish this weekend and find out on all the NFL football games you want.

Better yet, find a new team in the next five weeks. Attach the folder to the wall. Drop the darts. Point your finger at the nearest city. Cheer. Unless you agree to Detroit, in that case, throw the darts again.

Seriously, people, it's time to think about the draft. About free agents. About the slipping of the driveway. Anything, really, does not involve these Lions for the next five weeks.

Look, I get it. You watched the fourth game against Chicago, because it was Thanksgiving. Tradition and everything. And sometimes Lions surprised you.

Basically, they do what they did on Thursday when they lost, 23-16, to Bear: Near. Hopefully. Drop the pick-up in the middle of the fourth. Then say it's not good enough after it's over.

Rinse off. Say it again.

The problem is that nothing is cleaned. And you're stuck in the same loop.

Consider this: When you first heard the famous young quarter of Chicago, Mitchell Trubiski, will not play for the injuries you thought … Matt Flinn.

Admit it.

You remember him, do not you? He was reserve for Aaron Rodgers in 2012 when Lions entered the Lambeau Field as favorites and lost as Flinn set franchise records for the backyards – 480 – and added touch – six.

Only Lions. Matt (explanation) Flinn.

If you say that slowly, it sounds the same – Chase … Daniels.

Daniels did not post franchise information on Ford Fielder on Thursday afternoon. But his performance was certainly known.

He started his first game here in four years. Lowering his shoulder shoulder over his shoulders. The expulsion of two points passes and, for what is valid, there is no interruption.

In fact, avoiding interception is worth a lot. A team threw them on Thursday. That team lost.

But enough about the game, about one more defeat from the heart, about another chance for your team to dedicate to a national audience that is looking for something else rather than eating excessively artificially raised meat from meat.


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As I mentioned, it's time to continue and enjoy the styles, for example, Patrick Mahomes, an extraordinary young quarterback of Kansas City, or Jared Goff, a second-year signal for Rams.

As it happens, these Frames will be strangled in Ford's field two weeks from now in what promises to be an affair in high color, at least on one side. The good news is that you will not care at that moment.

To help you If you are on several of these quotes from the head coach:

"We have to go back to it and get back to work. We have a lot of work, a lot to improve, and things that we are constantly trying to improve." "There is not enough time to sit down and find ourselves."

History: Lions should be only grateful for visiting Chicago in Turkey

Not for Matt Patricia. But for you? Take it. I'm sorry for what you want. You earned it.

Just try not to spend a lot of time. There are so many other teams out there. Teams that are fun. Teams thrown down the field. Teams with more than 30 points.

Teams that do not conquer enough to give you hope and lose enough to destroy it. Weekly Sunday for Sunday.

So adopt one. Temporarily. Even if you really can not leave these Lions.

I suggest playing games in college. Maybe she dreams about the next Leo. Maybe read about potential free agents – in Free Press, of course.

Perhaps you can think of who could call the performances of the next season and how the offense might look different.

Watch the Lions all the way, if you have to. It is okay.

But do it with indifference, with a separate shade, from the position of psychological security. And stop thinking about mathematics, about the percentage chance that Lions have to do in the payoff.

This is not happening. Not this year. Loss to Bear on Thursday decided everything.

You're free.


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