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Joanna Gaines' College Degree synchronized perfectly with the new Gaines-Run TV network


The couple Dovnhome Chip and Joanna Gaines have made their home on HGTV for the popular remodeling show "Fiker Upper" for five years, where he built and edited homes that looked outside of savings. Now that the show is over, a valuable duo will be found on the new network: Discoveri. Couples will be able to turn on again to see their home and wonderful family. Switching to Discoveri can introduce the Gaines family to a whole new audience. But the move is not as meaningless as it can look because Joanna has a degree of communication!

Upcoming project for Gaineses

Although the couple recently announced a return to television on The Tonight Shov, details were rare. Chip opened Jimmy Fallon on the show to discover a few things.

First, the couple collected a lot of knowledge from their five seasons at "Fiker Upper", which started in 2013 and ended in April last year, and want to use it to move forward without any wrong steps that they have Maybe they made you trip to the past.

Second, the new partnership with Discoveri will enable Chip and Joanni Gaines to record around Vaco, Tekas, the hometown of the couple. The chip expressed excitement about the possibility of working on this project without the need for great travel.

None of Gaineses was shy about their love for Vaco, where they married in 2003, or their southern roots. In fact, this southern charm is one of the reasons why "Fiker Upper" was so popular. If a couple can hold it, they can use them well for the new venture.

Finally, this new project is not

Kinks will be worked out

If fans Chipa and Joane Gaines are not quite sure what the couple has in their work, it may sound like Gaines are not yet quite sure. Chip Gains described how he and his wife, together with the Discoveri network, would have to "build" a show that "really makes sense" for them and their family, which has grown since they left HGTV.

The managers of couples and networks may still work together to find out exactly how Gaines fit with Discoveri and what will also satisfy fans' Fiker Upper & # 39; and existing Discoveri viewers.

Discover the public statement

Discoveri's discovery reveals that many details of this project are still in progress. However, the official statement revealed that the network was in the midst of "exclusive" conversations with Chip and Joan Gaines about this upcoming project.

The announcement boasts a creative couple, describing them as:

genuinely authentic storytellers and creative visionaries who will feed millions of people with quality family-friendly programs available on the 24/7 network and on all screens[.]

Although the statement is vague, an allusion to access to all screens can mean more viewing options or interactive content.

The brave moves of Discoveri

The discovery is not strange to forming perhaps surprising partnerships. They had previously joined a joint venture with Oprah's Oprah Winfrey Network. The result was a move from Discoveri Health Network to Discoveri. After several successful years, Discoveri is now the majority owner of the OVN.

So while discussing a project with Chip and Joanne Gaines, it might seem to be at the beginning to the left, Discoveri has in the past proved that brave moves can have great payouts.

Joanna Gaines and a perfect partnership

Another reason why Discoveri decided to work with Joan Gaines makes sense that the interior designer and mother have a degree in communication from Bailor University, from which she graduated in 2001. Joanna discovered that she even intervened in the CBS building shortly after graduating intent to become a reporter for broadcasting. However, in the end she realized that the life of the city was not for her.

Otherwise, Chip, who is three years older, attended the same school to gain a degree in marketing and business, but the couple would not meet until later. With Chip's encouragement, Joanna focused on designing in Vaco, although she did not get a design degree, where the couple is now the owner of their company Magnolia.

Although the screen may seem to be all charming and in the south, their degrees may be useful when it comes to digging the perfect niche for them on Discoverie. Their skills and experience on the screen ensure that no matter what they do, Chip and Joanna Gaines do not deal with a project that is "top".

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