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Ksiaomi Mi 8 Pro Review: Unique and brilliant


Mi 8 Pro

Xiaomi withdrew to one of the world's leading smartphone makers without a real presence in the West. The Chinese company could still build a passionate fan base across the region, such as Europe, even without official availability in many locations.

Xiaomi recently made his official entry to the UK market with a range of products, including smartphones, electric scooters, toothbrushes, load-bearing materials and even a kettle.

It's clearly astonishing

Ksiaomi Mi 8 Pro

Unique style and incredible value

Mi 8 Pro is a top-of-the-line device for Xiaomi, which will pack incredible specifications and design into the beam with its arrival from the UK, which has undermined most of the leading phones for several hundred pounds.


  • Beautiful design
  • Incredible performance
  • Good cameras
  • Excellent screen
  • Super fast face unlock


  • A large number of
  • No wireless charging
  • Poor speaker
  • A fingerprint scanner can be hit and missed

About this review

I (Richard Devine) write this review after three weeks of using the official version of the version of the Ksiaomi Mi 8 Pro on the Vodafone network. Initially, the phone was shipped with MIUI 9, but in the meantime updated the MIUI 10 that brought a number of new features. The phone launched the Android 8.1.0 operating system throughout the year and was updated to the October security patches with the latest OTA.

Ksiaomi Mi 8 Pro hardware and design

Mi 8 Pro

Is there another phone out there that looks like the Ksiaomi Mi 8 Pro? Well, it depends on which side of the phone you're looking at. Because on the front it looks essentially the same as the other 2018 smartphones. A thin frame on the sides and bottom, a cut at the top, the rest is displayed. I'll touch the screen later, but nothing about the front of the Mi 8 Pro is what's caught around.

It's the backdrop that's pointing out. And boy, did that look like that?

We 8 Pro was originally launched as the Mi 8 Exceler Edition in Asia, and the breathable back is what really removes it. Much has been done by the technical nerds about the fake wheel on the screen, but here's the quick news. Who really cares? looks like super. Real-circuit boards would not look nice, I mean, have you ever seen what's in the phone?

The background of the phone does not look good.

The rest of the back, basically the battery, is genuine. You do not have any wireless charging because the ugly dash would ruin aesthetics, but the battery is real, there is no wheel and there are a lot of "inspirational" messages throughout.

Xiaomi calls it Transparent Titanium, and instead of being a completely transparent transparent panel, it has a dark titanium color that is applied and contributes to appeal. Nobody can deny that this phone has a unique style of style. The phone's pages look like stainless steel, although they are not of course, and the red power button that coincides with the red accents of the camera adds enough color to ruin everything.

In the last few years there were not many phones where I deliberately put my face on my desk so I could look in the back.

This does not mean that what is facing forward is not excellent.

The display is a 6.21-inch 2248 x 1080 AMOLED panel that supports the wide-range DCI-P3 range. By default, the phone is set to a pretty neutral color profile, but if you turn it on to be a little more contrast, it really sings. The blacks are deep, the colors are vibrant, and with a maximum brightness of 600 nits, you have no problem to see it outdoors.

The screen also supports the standard reading mode at scheduled times to turn the heat and rest your eyes at night, and as AMOLED you also get the proper display on the screen.

Unlocking the face is far superior to the fingeprint scanner on the display.

A part of the pure aesthetics of this phone is that there is no fingerprint sensor on the front or back. The Mi 8 Pro is one of the earlier crops of smartphones that have a scanner in the display, and the positioning is absolutely perfect. It's a bit bigger than you'd find on OnePlus 6, and no matter which hand you hold on the phone in it, it seems that the ideal height at which you can crawl the thumb.

The bad news is that it's not as good as a regular fingerprint scanner. This is not a special mistake by Xiaomi, but in addition to feeling like you live in the future and showing your partners in the pub, the fingerprint scanner is frustrating than beautiful. This is based on pressure, so first you need to learn how hard it is to press, but while it's pretty accurate, it's not accurate enough. There are too many unsuccessful authentication, which is uncomfortable when every phone with an external scanner performs much better.

Mi 8 Pro

The other side is that you do not have to worry about fingerprint scanning to get access to a fast biometric approach. Updating the MIUI 10 unlocked Face Unlock using the front IR camera of the phone and it's totally brilliant. As you look at the phone, you never see a lock screen, you are unlocked immediately on the home screen. And because it uses IR, the same performance is applied even in a completely dark room. You can not use it to sign in to apps, so I used it with a fingerprint scanner, but I never use them to unlock my phone anymore.

It's also worth to point out a bad speaker on this phone. I have two more Xiaomi phones at the moment, they cost significantly less and have better speakers than miles from the ground. This is bitter. You can not watch an IouTube video without almost turning it around if you really want to hear it, and the only useful purpose in life is to wake you up in the morning and tell you when someone is trying to call you.

Performance and battery life

Mi 8 Pro

While the processor is on the back of the dudes, the one in the phone is everything else. The 8 Pro uses Kualcomm's current range, the Snapdragon 845, paired with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. It just puts it at the very top of the hierarchy, with internal specifications that relate to other recent launchers like Razera Phone 2 and ASUS ROG phones, both targeting toy hungry toys.

Specs POCO F1
Screen 6.21-inch FHD + (2248k1080) AMOLED
DCI-P3 color gamma
Chipset Snapdragon 845
Stock 128GB
Software Android 8.1 Oreo, MIUI 10
Rear camera 1 12MP, ƒ / 1.8, OIS
Rear camera 2 12MP, ƒ / 2.4
Front camera 20MP
Security Fingerprint on the screen, unlocking the face
Battery 3000mAh
Connectivity Vi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 5.0
Weight 177g
the price £ 499

Needless to say, there is an exact zero concern about performance on the Mi 8 Pro. Accelerates everything you throw on it, never slows down and craves through PUBG Mobile with ease at its highest settings.

However, there are several things that could be denied. The first is the lack of a microSD slot for expanding this 128GB memory. Personally, it's double what I really want from the phone, but there are people who simply can not use the phone without expressive memory. So, Mi Pro is not for these people.

The second is the battery life. In removing the rear fingerprint scanner and brilliant clean back, the Mi 8 Pro actually has a smaller battery at 3000mAh than the regular Mi 8. It's not something that you would expect from a Pro Pro model, and while Xiaomi had a reason, I'm not sure The battery is something to reduce.

Mi 8 Pro

The good news is that it's still a lot to go through the day, and apart from the road, I used it as an access point as I traveled or used it with my DJI Spark, making it until the moment I get involved because the night was never a problem. But there is definitely no longer a multi-day phone in someone's world.

The Mi 8 Pro has a Kuick Charge 4+ bar behind the USB-C port (which is also a place to connect to the headphones), so if you need to recharge, it can be very fast. I leave it from the charger overnight for more days, I turn it on while I have breakfast and get the children dressed, and while I'm finished, it's fully loaded and ready for that day.

However, a larger battery would still be better.

Ksiaomi Mi 8 Pro software

Mi 8 Pro

Android stock fans are watching now because MIUI is far from it, as you'll find anywhere. MIUI is not just a skin, but a complete rewriting of Android from top to bottom. While fully equipped with Google in the West, in Xiaomi's home China, MIUI was built to work without El Goog, so it's absolutely all-inclusive.

It's also one of the best custom versions of Android you'll find. Of course, the look will share opinions – this is done forever. But besides the looks, MIUI's performance was entirely excellent. It's incredibly well optimized and whether you're leading the Mi 8 Pro line or the entry level Redmi 6, the MIUI will provide a consistent and impressive experience.

On Mi 8 Pro, the box was MIUI 9 built on Android 8.1 Oreo, but during this review came the update MIUI 10 that changed a lot for the better. It is still based on Android 8.1, and in addition to the newer security patch, there is no change in the platform at all.

The way Xiaomi handles the MIUI is refreshing, as it will go on updating Android 9.0 Pie (regular Mi 8 already starts to get it), it will change very little forward. Xiaomi adds a ton of great features, and the version of Android below is not at all responsible for any changes to the UI users are facing.

The great feature MIUI 10 revealed for the Mi 8 Pro is already mentioned Face Unlock, but the UI also had a fairly tough overhaul and also introduced Xiaomi's gesture control. These allow you to remove the buttons on the screen and navigate through a series of jigsaws and I can happily say that I think they've done much better than Google's efforts in Android 9.0.

Xiaomi has a complete suite of applications, some of which will ignore, but some of them are very useful. File manager and MiDrop applications work together and are pretty good, and MiDrop allows you to quickly send files between devices. It even works on non-Xiaomi devices as long as you can install an application or application to manage files from Play Store. I used it with Fire HD 10 tablet with great effect.

Mi 8 Pro

An application that has been preloaded, but does not work in the United Kingdom, is a theme store. The easy solution is to change your region to Hong Kong, and then it works fine. The standard theme is very white, but I had no problem changing in the region, using a hot black theme, then changing the region back to the UK and everything is fine.

Action MIUI launcher continues to be a free app link, but today has the App Vault, the panel to the left of the home screen where you can pin applications and shortcuts, but if you want a drawer of apps, I will use something else. Poco Launcher from Xiaomi is now at Plai Store, located on Poco F1 and has a drawer, but does not appear on this version of MIUI.

Ksiaomi Mi 8 Pro Camera

Mi 8 Pro

The camera does not get an upgrade through the regular Mi 8, so you get the same 12MP dual-camera with a wide-angle lens with a 4-axis OIS to ƒ / 1.8 and a 12MP telephoto lens and a portrait of ƒ / 2.4.

It also has an "AI Mode" since many other leading smartphones are beginning to add, essentially intelligent scene detection, with the aim of raising your photos without having to edit them yourself. This job works well, and it's not too aggressive.

The application for the Xiaomi camera is not too complex, with a lot of manual controls on. It's a little disturbing that you can not just select the size of your pictures in megapixels, only frame frames and high, medium or low settings. The watermark of the dual camera is turned on by default, so you'll probably want to turn it off. Video recording can be performed at 4K resolution at 30FPS and up to 240FPS for slow motion to 1080p.

The quality of the picture is generally very good, although it is a bit low in the lower light. I think it's partly in AI mode that tries to refresh everything that only leaves you noise, but if you have patience, you can certainly work on it. However, this is not Pikel 3.

The dynamic range and details are good, and the OIS certainly helps keep things clean. Portrait mode has excellent edge detection, but when shooting close-up images, you get a pretty firm depth of field without it.

The front camera is 20MP and has most of the same software, including HDR and portrait mode. The edge detection in portrait mode is also great on the front camera, so your self will always look the best.

If you buy Ksiaomi Mi 8 Pro? Yes!

Mi 8 Pro

In the past, terms such as "lead killer" are used by different brands, but in the case of Xiaomi, this is basically the way in which the company built its smartphone business. The name can be new to the UK shelves, but the brand is still known around the world to provide superior hardware at affordable prices.

Mi 8 Pro is the best dog of the Xiaomi Line Launch and is worth every pound of $ 499. It's not perfect, but in the sea of ​​smart phones no one else looks like this and definitely got the performance to support it. I wish the battery was bigger and the speaker was as good as the Xiaomi cheaper phone, but the general experience is great.

from 5

There are also innovations, such as using a fingerprint scanner as a whole, as long as you feel like a quality product for which already existing brands could charge hundreds of thousands.

The biggest competitor Mi 8 Pro in the UK comes from similar models of OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi's Poco F1 model, which is pretty cheaper but with similar internal hardware. We Pro 8 is remarkable, and if you're attracted to it, buy it and you're really very happy.

It's clearly astonishing

Ksiaomi Mi 8 Pro

Unique style and incredible value

Mi 8 Pro is a top-of-the-line device for Xiaomi, which will pack incredible specifications and design into the beam with its arrival from the UK, which has undermined most of the leading phones for several hundred pounds.

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