Friday , August 12 2022

Leafs feel the need to correct the ship, but do not panic


TORONTO – The best way to get out of the track at this stage of the NHL season is to recommend detail.

For Toronto Maple Leafs, losers of back-to-back games at the Scotiabank Arena, which began with focus on Thursday. They followed him with a meeting on Friday morning and an optional morning skateboard before they hosted Philadelphia Fliers.

"It's just more competitive, more engaged, from the very beginning," said defense attorney Ron Hainsei. "I do not think there are any levels that we did not have here. Sometimes goals [against] happens or you make mistakes. You'll end up with four guys in the corner, probably you can clean it pretty fast, but sometimes you spend too much time in your zone. It happened in both games.

"We had guns that hit the guys in the feet, bounced, maybe they were bad breaks, but it's probably more a symptom that we spend too much time in half an ice. When we spend time on the other half of the ice, we are a much better team. "

Transferring matches 6-2 to Tampa and 5-4 in Chicago gave rise to some external questions about Leafs's willingness to play. Internally, there is a sense of urgency to capture a slide, but not nearly the same level of panic that exists between the phase of the phase.

Toronto still has the chance to turn to Boston and get home-ice for its first round – it needs to make four points in the last 12 games of the regular season (Leafs currently owns a tajbreak).

It's one carrot that they're trying to persecute.

"It's huge," said Jake Muzzin. "Momentum, energy, the first two games in the series, it's always nice to be at home with the audience. But you will have to win on the roads, you can not bypass the player. So, I think we'll deal with what we have, but we definitely work for domestic ice. "

There is pride in the game.

Leafs could live with a loss for Lightning, as it came a little over 24 hours after returning from Western Canada against the top NHL team. Falling behind Blackhawks at 5: 0 on Wednesday, it was much harder for the stomach, although they almost gathered to equalize the game in the last minute.

They did not watch too many clips from this game while they were preparing for flyers. Instead, they tried to use Thursday's training to start rebuilding any confidence that was lost, while they bounced on home ice in two consecutive matches and when Frederick Andersen was dropped to NHL start for the first time.

"Practicing like this is good to wash off a little bit, redirect, you feel a good feeling. That's important, "said Morgan Rielli on Thursday. "We have a lot of leadership, we have a lot of hungry guys and we look forward to playing again because they want a clean record and go there and start playing good hockey."

The lineup will be mildly moved against Philadelphia, and Justin Holl will play for Igor Ozhiganova in the third defensive match and wing Zach Himanu who is potentially coming back after missing the match on Wednesday with the disease. The hymen is called a decision on the time of the game.

Babcock returns Andersen to the goal after an informal conversation with him after consecutive hooks. Dane saw a drop in percentage from 924 to 990 this week.

"He has been present for a long time and I think that for all of us is a good opportunity for good slapping," Babok said. "Adjust yourself and go back to it."

There's a team too.

Playing is approaching so that focus is placed on every aspect of the team. Every little thing matters.

"The ball is in our court, let's do what we can," Babok said. "I think it's the biggest thing besides order [is getting] Better every day. Keep improving everyday, be right, take care of the puck, hard to attack, firm defense.

"Make all the fine details and in the end you will be happy in the spring. If you do not have your game, you will not be."

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