Tuesday , January 31 2023

LG's Laser 4K carries a 120-inch seven-inch image


Just as surely as CES appears, LG appears with the help of a laser projector, hoping to tempt you to eject the TV. This year's attempt is another CineBeam model, and the Laser 4K is ready to compete with the Likeens home theater projector in a box and ultra-expensive Sony projectors that we have seen over the years. The HU85L does not have HDR support, but it has a wide range of colors and can project a 120-inch screen while only 7 inches from a nearby wall, floor or ceiling or a 90-inch screen is 2 inches away.

There is no word about the price or the date of issue, but it is, of course, equipped with ThinK AI's natural language control language and remote control with gesture. With 2,500 lumens of light, it is intended for use in more than just darkened home rooms, but we will have to see it in Las Vegas to know how good it really is.

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