Friday , January 27 2023

Machine guns potentially come to Fortnite Battle Roiale


New tools detected in Fortnet's v7.10 patch indicate that machine gun weapons can come from Save the World to Battle Roial.

The machine gun is an automatic gun that has been for a long time in the Fortune PvE regime of Save the World. The new property suggests that it can also appear in Fortney's PvP Battle Roiale mode.

The machine gun closely resembles the Uzi (or Mini Uzi), which is also a small, lightweight pistol for automation. Probably the Machine Pistol will be placed in the SMG class in Battle Roiale.

via / r / FortniteLeaks

It prevents bullets to an extreme extent, which refers to punishment of damages. Fast reloading and good to fight, but the ammunition hungry and inefficient outside of the vicinity.

The gun model on the picture above has the name of the file SK_MachinePistol_BR which indicates that this is the work of the Battle Roiale weapon variant.

While the weapon has yet to be put into Battle Roial Athena folder, we'll probably see that he moved there in the upcoming patch.

Audio files for weapons are also detected, indicating that they are approaching the final stage of development. It is very possible that Epic could soon replace this idea in the near future, but he may never see the light of the day.

With all of Fortney's content lately, the new weapon is not out of the table. Would you like to add a Fortnite Battle Roiale machine gun? How do you think it will affect the overall target?

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