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Major B.C. Windstorm exits the water treatment plant in Nanaimo; residents were asked to preserve water


The ships were crushed by waves at the end of the Vhite Rock port, which was badly damaged during the storm, in Wyatt Rock, BC, on December 20, 2018.

DARRIL DICK / Canadian Press

The great storm – which erased trees, laid off flights and ferries, disabled energy and even captured the person – who hit the southern coast of B.C. on Thursday, left many Nanaima residents with no power and warning from that city on Vancouver Island to save water.

Mayor Nanai Leonard Krog said the storm caused a power outage in a city water treatment plant. The plant had a spare generator, but it also failed, although the plant has since recovered partial power. The city cooperates with the manufacturer of the generator to make the drive as soon as possible.

BC Hydro has announced that it still has 150,000 users in B.C. without electricity since late Friday morning. Sixty thousand of those clients were in the Lower Land, and the rest on Vancouver Island.

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"Vancouver Island was badly hit by a storm," the statement said, stating that Nanaimo and Duncan had the worst.

Mr. Krog said that the reservoirs where Nanaim's water is kept are not upgraded, so residents are asked to save water while the treatment system is not functioning again.

"At this moment we have no expectations [of when it will be fixed], and this is one of the disturbing things. We do not know, "said Krog in an interview.

Mr Krog said that the water currently in the reservoirs is treated and safe to use.

"But if [the plant] it can not be repaired in an expeditious thing – and we hope it will be – then we will just have to bypass the processing plant. People will get "fresh water," and there will need to be an advisory recommendation, "Krog said.

The resident Nanaimo Jackui Ieo has not yet had a hydroelectric power plant in his home since early Friday afternoon, which, she said, complicated the situation with water.

"I can not drink water or bathe in my house right now. I do not mind boiling water, but I did it myself. But my area has no power, "said Mrs. Ieo.

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She said that she found out about the city water council of the third hand, instead of receiving direct notification.

"I would like a better communication system for Nanaima citizens if there is a disaster. I get most of my stuff on Facebook. If I have no way to stuff the phone, it's a little nervous … even on Facebook [water advisory] it was hard to find, "said Mrs. Ieo.

About 500 BC BC Hydro employees worked on the ground in order to replace damaged pillars and to restrain hydropower. It is said that it expects some customers to be powerless on Saturday.

The chaotic storm was also seized by Ornes Perry, who was standing on a gut in Wyatt Rock, BC, after strong winds caused collapse of a part of the structure. Mr. Perry saved the helicopter of the Coast Guard.

The Coroners BC service confirmed on Friday that a woman in the late twenties of her life had died in an accident with a tree that fell on a tent in Duncan, BC. It is not clear if the tree fell due to strong winds. The Coroners BC service said in a statement that they were in the early stages of establishing facts. The statement for North Covichan / Duncan RCMP states that at that time there were five people in the tent. Two male users suffered injuries – one was transported in the air, and the other was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

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