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Mak Pacioretti will miss the game against Canadiens; can be off-week with an injury


LAS VEGAS – This is the game Mak Pacioretti rounded up on her calendar. His first opportunity in the Vegas Golden Knights uniform was a welcome to a team that spent ten years playing for the T-Mobile Arena.

However, injuries with the lower body, which suffered in the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on December 17, on Saturday prohibited the relatives of Connecticut to play Montreal Canadiens host.

It's a cruel turn of destiny, no doubt.

We hoped to connect with Pacioretti when we landed in Las Vegas on Friday to consider the missing Saturday game, the seriousness of his injury, and how he adjusted his life in Sin City for a short time when he was here. But, given the current status of a player as injured, he was not available.

"Every player wants to play and is disappointed when he can not," said agent at Allan Valsh's agency on his behalf.

How long will the Pacioretti be removed from any assumption. Golden Knights have yet to update their status, except to say they will miss at least a week from October 17, and Valsh said he can not provide deadlines. Sources tell us that it could be more than weeks, not days.

Over 500 NHL games will be played without closing, including Flame, Oilers, Leafs and Canucks. Plus Hockei Night in Canada, Rogers Hometown Hockey, Scotiabank Wednesday Night Hockey and many more.

If this is the case, think about one more thing that did not go exactly as planned for the Pacioretti since it landed with the Golden Knights in a shop in early September sent by Tomas Tatar, Nick Suzuka and the 2019 second round picked up by the Canadians.

He arrived in the desert with a new lease of life, after being undoubtedly the most challenging (and disappointing) season of his career. The season he saw only 17 goals and 37 points in 64 games. One who has prematurely grown out of injury.

A new opportunity with the Golden Knights, thousands of miles away from the pressure to be Captain of the Canadian in Montreal, presented a 30-year-old left-handed opportunity to free up his mind. When he returned it on September 12th, "I have the opportunity to immediately extract my brain and play hockey, to go back to what I like to do as a child, and that's just going out and having fun."

Returning to his 30-point scoring method was supposed to be a product of that, but it was jeopardized when things came to a rocky start – even with the misconception of playing for a new contract that was removed after signing a four-year, $ 28million extension with Vegas only a few hours after his trading on September 10th.

The chance to play on line with a child friend in Paul Stastny was supposed to allow a smooth transition for Pacioretti with his new team. That was something he mentioned in Goodbie-Montreal-Hello-Vegas for Tribune players.

Then the real life hit three games in the season, when Stastny suffered a knee injury that would prevent him from leaving for two months. Golden Knights – and Pacioretti – were later surprised by the bad start.

When he arrived in Montreal on November 9, Pacioretti was limited to two goals and a zero assist and had a minus-4 rating. The suspected concussion restricted him to appear in only 12 games in Vegas, and the team – with or without him
– He did not find a way to get closer than four points in a plaioff picture.

Golden Knights left the Bell Center after Kanadieni lost 5-4, they beat them to 7-9-4 and had the 25th best record in the league, and Pacioretti did not enjoy returning to the only other NHL city ever had invited home. At least not as he expected.

Only a few days later, this game of Pacioretti and the Golden Knights really began to pick up. He won eight goals from November 18 to 29, and the team stepped in and started rewarding victories.

Some strikes kept Pacioretti from the games on December 4 and December 14, but they did not stop him from running 17 points in 15 games, increasing overall seasons by 10 goals and 19 points in the lead up to Monday's match with Columbus.

It was this pace Pacioretti seemed ready for maintenance, and a steady return just two days earlier would only help. They were eventually paired together – along with Alec Tuch – when, in the seventh shift of the game, Pacioretti entered into an unpleasant collision with Columbus's Riley Nash Center that forced him on the margins.

Given all this, it is safe to say that adjusting life in Vegas was considerably facilitated for Pacioretti than for a hockey part.

"Mak and his family moved relatively fast in their new life in Vegas," Valsh said. "It's never easy to pick up and move a big family across the continent in a short time, especially with a baby on the road." They moved to a new home, the boys progressing in their new school and playing a small hockey game in Vegas. "

Unfortunately, Dad will not play pro hockey against his former team this weekend.

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