Tuesday , May 18 2021

McKenzie Milton, UCF Knights KB, suffer from leg injury

TAMPA, Fla. – UCF Quarterback McKenzie Milton seriously injured his right leg in second-quarter run against the USF on Friday, destroying a blow to the team that won 23 games.

Milton entered the ball and escaped, and a bunch of USF defense attorneys met him. He took a kick in his knee, and his leg turned and leaned at an uncomfortable angle. Milton stayed on the road, and Raymond James Stadium looked in a stunning silence as his trolley was immediately opened.

The entire UCF bench was emptying and kneeling next to Milton, because emergency staff worked on it. The USF team went to the field next to it in support of it.

Milton immobilized his entire leg before he was put in a cart and entered the locker room, with the convenors coming to him to raise his arm or shoulders.

Milton is an undisputed leader in the UCF team who is trying to finish his second regular regular season. He entered the USF game, Milton threw it for 2,577 yards, and 24 touchdowns in nine started this season as he moved fast for 291 yards and nine touchdowns.

In the first quarter, Milton threw a trodden passage to help provide UCF with early lead. From the beginning of last season, Milton was responsible for a total of 79 touchdowns, most among FBS players in that range.

Darrell Mack replaced Milton in the quota. Mack started the game against East Carolina this season.

Knights moved to number 9 on the College Football Plaioff ranked on Tuesday. It is the highest point of a group of 5 members in the history of the CFP.

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