Friday , May 7 2021

Microsoft's Beta Android Launcher has a digital health function

San Francisco: Microsoft has added the "Digital Health" function to support Cortan's beta version of its Android launcher, which will allow users to monitor the application's requirements. Microsoft launcher Version 5.1 is an attempt to give users more control over interaction with social media, announced on Wednesday Windows. In addition to Digital Health, the new update integrates the To-Do and Sticki Notes list to allow users to synchronize their tasks and notes. "The" To-Do "tab of the launcher now shows tasks from Outlook and Skype applications along with the" Notes "tab that displays your ads from" Sticki Notes "on Windows, Outlook and OneNote mobile," the report added.
The new beta version is available for the Google Play Store testers and should be launched to all users in the coming weeks, the report added. Major technology companies such as Apple, Facebook and Instagram have recently added features such as Screen Time, Iour Activiti, and Iour Time on Facebook to alert users about their use of applications. In October, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will soon fully accept Android to see mobile apps on computers, so the company has aggressively updated its Android launcher in the past year. (IANS)

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