Wednesday , May 25 2022

Morning snow, icy rain will be accompanied by a dramatic time change & # 39;


Toronto finally thaws out of long-lasting deep freezing, but snow and icy rain will probably lead to a messy morning trip on Wednesday.

Snow began to fall during the night, and according to Environmental Canada, precipitation could turn into icy rain as temperatures rise. It is anticipated that the worst conditions will coincide with the early hour of the downtown.

About two to five centimeters of snow will accumulate in GTA, with higher amounts predicted for the western regions of southern Ontario near Lake Huron.

"Anything that is not being treated will probably become glacier and slippery, and the morning journey will be slow and messy," says Robert Kuhn, a meteorological weather meteorologist from Canada.

The Federal Weather Weather Agency has announced a special weather statement for the city and surrounding areas late Tuesday night. In Mississauga, Alectra reported that 4,083 homes at Hurontario and Eglinton Avenue E. on Wednesday without electricity. The utility estimates that electricity will be restored around 10:30, according to the tweet.

Snow and snowflakes are ready to give way to strong winds and rain around 11 hours, when temperatures begin to climb above the ice constantly. The rain will be held in the evening hours before squeezing around 19 hours, Kuhn said.

By mid-afternoon, Toronto could see a height of 6 degrees, he added. The "low color" system that comes north of the United States leads to a sudden rise in temperature.

However, unusually warm air will not last long.

"The January solution will not last long, it's a one-day wonder," Kuhn said.

"Colder air returns tonight, and temperatures drop to zero by Thursday morning."

Although it is too early to say for sure, Kuhn said it is likely that southern Ontario will be able to see another snow throw next Monday.

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