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Mourinho utters the crowd as Man United defeated Juventus 2-1


TURIN, Italy – After listening to moves from the crowd of Juventus for 90 minutes, Jose Mourinho could not help returning them in kind.

Mourinho had to be escorted from the field on Wednesday after the celebration of Manchester United's victory with a 2-1 victory over the Italian side in the Champions League by holding him in the ear to the crowd after the final whistle. Gest caused a bit of a mischief with Juventus players who overshadowed one of the most important season for United, who fought in the home court, but now has great chances to reach the gambling stage in Europe.

"I came here to do my job and I insulted 90 minutes," Mourinho said. "I would not do that again, but I do not think I have offended anyone, and at that time it seemed like an answer to those who insulted my whole family, except my Inter."

Mourinho was unbeaten among Juventus fans after he triumphed against the rival of Inter. After United lost 1-0 in Juventus at home two weeks ago, he responded to the push of the Italian fans by holding three fingers to them, marking the high title – Champions League, Serie A and Italian Cup – defeated Inter in the 2009-2009 season. 10.

This time he had another victory in the celebration, after watching his team return from the spectacular goal of Cristiano Ronaldo. Juan Mata's free kick came in four minutes, and Alek Sandro won his own goal at the last moment, as United destroyed his championship league.

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci angrily approached Mourinho as he grabbed his ear to the fans of Bianconeri, and the United coach was following off the field by UEFA officials and some members of his staff.

Juventus was the first defeat in any competition this season.

"When I work for a club like Manchester United, I have to forget the past as well as in the 90 minutes I represent Manchester United," Mourinho said. "But the others (Juventus fans) have not forgotten.

"And it's my great joy to win against the super team, not because they are the enemies of Inter."

Juventus, who was the only team in the Champions League who was still a great record, remained at the top of Group H, but only two points ahead of United. Valencia, who had beaten Young Boys 3-1 earlier, are two points.

"We should not give up on those free-throws, but at this moment we are counting a lot, it was the only way in which United will score," said Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri. "But the team went well, we are still at the top of the group and we have two games that will allow us to finish first. It's okay to lose against United, but seeing the game go away leaves us a little bitter taste."

Allegri was asked if he would react in a similar fashion to Mourinho.

"No, I immediately leave the field so as not to react," he said. "I'm just angry, right, with my team, when every day they go to bed."

United played better than it did when the two sides met in Manchester, but Juventus had many opportunities and already hit the wood industry twice before Ronaldo hit the 65th minute.

Bonuchi banged the ball over the top of the defense and Ronaldo looked him over his shoulder before he was silent in the top right corner.

The Portuguese superstar immediately ran to the corner, lifted the shirt and pointed to impressive stomach muscles.

Ronaldo is the top scorer in the Champions League with 121 goals, but it was the first in the Juventus competition – although he missed one game with a suspension after a red card against Valencia.

Allegri raised his eyebrows and gave a smile of gratitude for that goal.

Juventus looked sure to go on all three points, while United did not fight for obvious scoring opportunities, but Mata got a free kick in the top left corner in the 86th minute and this led to inspiration on the side of Jose Mourinho.

A minute later, Marouane Fellaini's free kick from the free-kick hit the ball before he left Juventus defender Alec Sandroa.

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