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Mulronei says the government will respect the recommendations of the Commissioner for Integration of Taverner


The Ontario Attorney General Caroline Mulronei spoke to reporters after the PC Caucus meeting in an early morning Journal of Ontario in Toronto on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

Chris Ioung / The Canadian Press

Caroline Mulronei's general law office said her government would comply with all recommendations from the investigation into the appointment of Prime Minister Doug Ford's friend, Ron Taverner, for provincial provincial police in Ontario.

The Provincial Integrity Commissioner checks whether Mr. Ford was in conflict of interest when his government called police chief Taverner, a 72-year-old middle-level commander, to the post last month.

On Wednesday, Ms. Mulronei said that her government respects the work of Integrity Commissioner David Weyk and is awaiting the results of the review. The Office of the Commissioner for Integrity did not say when the final report would be issued.

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"Of course we will adhere to the recommendation of the Integrity Commissioner," Mulronei told reporters at Kueen's Park. "We will respect the outcome of his investigation."

Security Minister Silvia Jones, however, would not be obliged to follow Mr. Vake's recommendations. "I will not guess what's going on," she said.

Opposition parties are calling for a public inquiry on this issue, after a senior OPP official publicly issued a letter last week, citing political interference in the appointment.

Ms. Mulronei suggested that a public inquiry is not necessary because the Integrity Commissioner is considering this issue. "The Integrity Commissioner is doing the job he needs, watching the process," said Mulronei, "if his decision is that a public inquiry is necessary, those are the recommendations we will expect to receive."

NDP leader Andrea Horvath asked the Integrity Commissioner to encourage a rarely exploited power to launch a public inquiry into allegations of political interference. Ford and his offices. Office г. Vake on Wednesday had no comment on the issue.

"What we need to do is get to the bottom of this," said Ms. Horvat on Wednesday. "This is the only way people from Ontario will get the truth."

Temporary Liberal Leader John Frazer said that Ms. Mulroni should appoint a retired judge to publicly question this issue, which he said would have a wider scope than the Integrity Commissioner.

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"Mr. Taverner will not be able to take up the job until the air is released. Because it will be a very, very difficult job for him, because there will always be a perception of the conflict," said Fraser.

Supt. Taverner, who began his job on Monday, put his oaths on hold and asked for his resignation from the senator in Toronto to be annulled until the review of the Integrity Commissioner was completed.

Mr. Ford, who was not in the legislature to answer questions Wednesday, told reporters this week that Supt. Taverner will be "the best commissioner the OPP has ever seen," and has targeted deputy commissioner Bred Blair, a senior OPP official who has publicly contested the appointment of Supt. Tavernera.

In a letter published last week, Deputy Commander Blair said that the chief of staff was Mr. Ford, Dean French, asked the OPP to change the camper van to Mr. Ford and to keep him "out of the books."

G. Ford called it a "groundless assertion", and Ms. Jones said on Wednesday that the insinuation of keeping the vans from the books "completely false".

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