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Netflik's "For All The Boys I Went Before" was officially confirmed


Netflik's "For All The Boys That I Went Before" | Photo: Charlei Gallai / Getti Images for Netflik

More Peter Kavinski is coming our way!

Actors Noah Centineo and Lana Condor are returning to Netflik after they announced that their summer romantic comedy For all the boys I loved before gets a sequel.

Excuse me while I'm doing my lucky dance!

Actors announced news on Instagram

The continuation of the favorite Netflik movie officially started production and fans can not wait to see what this sequel will bring.

To officially announce the well-anticipated news, the stars Noah Centineo and Lana Condor entered into their TATBILB characters and gave fans one of the pleasant announcements.

Condor sees her lying on her bed and comes with several Christmas ideas for gifts for her colleagues. Then, Centineo calls Condor at FaceTime before they discover their little secret together.

"By the way, if we do this, we will need a new contract," said Condor Centine, who responds with his signature "Voah, voah, voah!"

Then, Condor finally reveals the news: "I'm so excited, officially officially! We call it For all the boys continue! "she excitedly said as Centineo agreed:" Bring the sequel! "

TATBILB is a favorite fan

Once the "cat came out of the bag", fans were given a small story about the intended film.

While Condor is talking with Centine, the actress receives an incoming phone call from another actor whose name has yet to be revealed. In a second in a phone call, Condor says: "You will make the perfect John Ambrose!"

For each of you who do not know who John Ambrose is, he is one of Lara Jeanne's (Condorov's character in the movie) friends from childhood and the recipient of one of many love letters.

The film focuses on Lara Jean, a high school that writes love letters to her guys she loved at one time. Lara Jean keeps this letter hidden, that's until the letters are sent, which makes Lara Jean feel clean about her feeling once and for all.

For all the boys I loved before they left us shocked when John Ambrose McClaren, one of Lara Jean's boyish boys, showed a letter and a bouquet of flowers in the hand at the end of the film at the front door.

Talk about Cliferanger!

True fans already know about the return of John Ambrose McLaren

I do not want to spoil any extraordinary details, but if I continue this continuation along with the events that take place in the second book For all the boys I loved before trilogy, П.С. I love you, then McLaren will become a potential love interest for Lara Jean, in the middle of her relationship with the dignified Peter Kavinsky.

Will this new arrival be tested by Lara Jean and Peter's relationship? Ahh tension.

There is no official word about when the film is released

With the cast that recently announced that the film is on the move, we can assume that the next war will be For all the boys I loved before most likely will be another favorite of the favorite movie.

No details about the movie have been released, but when the recording turns, we will surely hear much more about this highly anticipated movie.

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