Friday , January 27 2023

Operation on the wrong testicle leaves a two-year-old boy "castrated" Society


Hospital trust apologized to the family of a two-year-old boy who will become infertile after the surgeons work on the wrong testicle.

The boy was admitted this week to a hospital in Bristol Roial for children to be treated with an unspecified testicle. His father told the BBC that surgeons wrongly mistaken and "castrated" him.

Renting a foundation of University Hospital Bristol NHS apologized and said it had launched an investigation.

The boy's father, whose name was not revealed to protect the identity of his son, stated that the detective's untamed testicle was detected during a routine examination. He sent the baby to a specialist and was booked for surgery on Monday.

The family said that they were told that the procedure had a minimal risk and that it would end in about 30 minutes. "We waited and waited," the father told the BBC. "After two and a half hours a manager, surgeons and consultants came and I knew something was wrong.

"Me and my wife started panic, they invited us to the office and told us that things did not go straight and the operation failed."

The couple said that they were told that the error of a surgeon meant that a healthy testicle of their son would never succeed. "I was very upset, it was a terrible disaster for a simple operation. They all destroyed and destroyed my son," said the father. "They were castrated by him and now the life of my son has changed drastically."

The boy's mother said: "They broke my heart and basically destroyed his future. I can not find the words to explain how I feel. I have no more tears, we just hope for a miracle."

The health director of Trust Trust, Dr. Villiam Oldfield, said: "In the name of trust, I deeply regret that a serious incident in the treatment of a minor child in our care took place and I would like to offer our sincere apology.

As soon as our employees realized what happened, they met with their family to apologize and explain what happened. We took very seriously the safety of the patient and the standards of clinical care and we started a thorough investigation of this issue and we will work with the family during this process. "

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