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Roial Nevs: How Prince William Invited Princess Diana to Divorce Prince Charles Roial | news


Prince William and the parents of Prince Harry, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, suffered a violent marriage. The prince and princess from Wales officially separated in 1992, and the official statement was made by then Prime Minister John Major. The royal couple was officially divorced in 1996, a year before Diana tragically died in a car accident.

At the time of their divorce, Villiam was only 14 years old, but he said that he helped his mother make some big decisions about her separation from her father.

In the documentary "Prince Villiam: Roialti In We Families", the narrator claims: "Villiam later was advised to speed up the divorce proceedings by agreeing to her her royal title to be abolished."

William said that she was convinced: "You will still be a mom."

The Duke of Cambridge has always been the protection of his mother since his youth.

They say that he booked his favorite restaurant Diana to get used to it at only nine years.

William also sought a career in the police when he was younger to protect his mother.

However, he was younger brother Harry who bought a future king on earth, saying to him, "You can not, you have to be king!"

The documentary also claims that Diana "relied on" his eldest son for "comfort and advice".

In the past, it has even been reported that tissues will be transferred to their drowsy mother under the bathroom door when it is disturbed.

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