Tuesday , January 31 2023

School buses were canceled for the committees around Ottawa


School buses were canceled in areas around the two largest cities of eastern Ontario, but they are not yet in Ottawa or Kingston.

Rain overnight shifts to a stable, sometimes heavy rain.

This is caused by the abolition of school buses for English language students in the Renfrev district and for Catholic school schools in Upper Canada and eastern Ontario.

"Mixed precipitation during the night and the morning made many rural and back roads haphazard or impenetrable this morning," said student transport of eastern Ontario (STEO).

French school boards in eastern Ontario abolished buses in these areas:

Also, buses do not work in the Bancroft area.

The Commission scolaire des Hauts-Bois-de-l 'Outaouais today has abolished primary and secondary school – not just buses – it already maintains its adult and professional grades.

The school board of West Quebec chose not to run buses in some schools:

This morning there were no cancellations from the agencies that run school buses in Ottawa, in the areas of Kingston and Belleville and other areas of western Quebec.

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