Friday , May 7 2021

SpaceKs Crev Dragon first test flight scheduled for Jan 2019

Washington, November 23: The first summer test of SpaceKs Crev Dragon is scheduled for January, NASA announced. During the test flight, Crev Dragon will travel to international space stations, while each part of the system will be verified and evaluated. If everything goes according to plan, a June mission will be held in June involving two NASA astronauts.

SpaceKs Crev Dragon first test flight scheduled for Jan 2019

The test marks an important milestone for the United States, which failed to deliver astronauts on its own from 2011, when the Space Shuttle program was retired.

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Test flight in SpaceKs Crev Dragon, named Demo-1, is scheduled for January 7, 2019 at 23:57 ET. The Falcon 9 rocket will be launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida and will carry a capsule at the International Space Station. The World Agency will closely monitor the performance of missiles, crew crews, terrestrial systems and the connection process.

However, before the Demo-2, NASA will conduct an interruption test during the flight, at which time the unresolved Dragon Crev system will be interrupted by including the capsule from the top of Falcon 9 immediately after launch, according to Space Nevs.

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