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Spence vs. Garcia results: Errol Spence Jr. dominated by Mike Garcia with a clean decision

ARLINGTON, Tekas – Mike Garcia dared to be excellent. Errol Spence Jr. it was simply bigger.

In front of 47,525 fans at the AT & T stadium, "The Truth" went through Garcia on a road to a clean pitch on each card with results of 120-107, 120-108 and 120-108.

It was one of the most dominant performances of a fighter that he could imagine. Spens used a stiff punch, an effective hit on the body and its size to suppress Garcia during 12 one-sided circles. On his merit, Garcia (39-1) remained firm despite Spence releasing an artillery to a championship with four divisions.

It took little time for the IBF champion to feel in the semifinals. From the very beginning, he devoted himself to blows and overturned the forces of Garcia's body. Try as much as he could, Garcia had little to offer to make up for one of the deepest boxers. As the rounds progressed, Spence increased activity and sat down on his strokes. After six rounds, Spence opened and dug up the hooks in García's central area. By the time Garcia tried to resist, his opponent was not there to be hit.

In the championship rounds, Spence went after the knockout and put an absolute clinic to break the force while Garcia was trying to break back into the fight. Unfortunately for him, he bit more than he could chew and found himself on the wrong side of the decision.

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With a win, Spence improved to a perfect 25-0 (21 KOs). Instead of waiting for his next opponent, Spence focused on the live legend: Manni Packuiao.

"Before that, he broke records," said Spence. "He's a legend in the sport and it would be an honor for me to fight next with him."

Packuiao entered the ring and apparently accepted Spence's challenge.

"Why not?" Packuiao said. "We will give the fans a good battle. I am so happy to be here in Dallas and I hope that I will return soon here."

Here's how it all happened:

Errol Spence Jr. vs. Mikei Garcia

Errol Spence Jr. dominated by Mike Garcia with a clean decision

RESULT: Errol Spence won in every round on each card. 120-107, 120-108 and 120-108. Absolute domination.

Round 12 (12:28 pm) : Spence has hands on his hips. I think he's surprised by Garcia's ability to survive. Spence shoots all kinds of shots. On his merit, Garcia is still alive. Spence was again in Garcia. Smokes Garcia but Mikey will not leave. One way traffic. 10-9 Spence (119-109 Spence)

Round 11 (12:24) : Some people leave. Spence just enters Garcia with body shots. OMG. This is rough. Spence pushes forward. More work on the body. A solid right hook from Spence drives Garcia into the ropes. Spence is trying to finish this now. The body is savage. Garcia tries to fight Spence, but the body breaks him out of any power that changes the fight. Spence is now destroying Garcia. Garcia tries to hit back, but Spence strikes him. 10-9 Spence (109-100 Spence)

Round 10 (12:20 pm): Spence wants to finish this. Garcia fights for respect and fires a couple of shots. But Spence breaks him with his right hook. Oof. Spens puts the right hand on the bomb. Garcia is trying to break back into her. But Spence is like a Mac truck. A combination of Spens. Spence shoots Garcia again. Another round, another for Spence. 10-9 Spence. (99-91 Spence)

Round 9 (12:16 pm) : Spence breaks Garcia with a left hook and a bullet in the body. He raised the pressure. It's injuries to Garcia. Spence is now defeating Garcia. Horticultural artillery. Garcia is breaking up. Garcia fights back. He will not leave quietly, but Spence just set it on fire. 10-9 Spence. (89-82 Spence)

Round 8 (12:11 pm): We're approaching "You need a knockout or a bunch of knockouts" for Garcia. Spence holds all the footage of the body in Garcia's stomach. Garcia is completely unusual and can not start anything. Spence with a hook, right hook. Steps back. Garcia nothing. 10-9 Spence (79-73 Spence)

Round 7 (12:07 hours): Left hook dig to García's body. That hurts. Garcia is not in a position to do anything to spin off the game. Whenever Garcia thinks he is opposed, Spence is out of range. Spence stopped him. I'll say this: Garcia can hit and keep coming. 10-9 Spence (69-64 Spence)

Round 6 (12: 03h) : Spence knocks a shot and a couple of shots. Opens Garcia. Left hand. Right hook. Garcia does not take anything back. The solid right hip cleans on Garcia. Garcia is on fire. He needs it because Spence is now digging. Pull counter would be Spence. He's running away with this. 10-9 Spence (59-55 Spence)

Round 5 (12:00): It's terrible that Spence did not hit the next speed. He just shoots. Here's Garcia. A hard right hook. Combination. Fierce ekchange. Garcia takes a rhythm. Spence rubbed him with a left hook. Garcia is still standing high. Jab with your body. She hurt Garcia. Right to the left of Spence. Garcia can not find a home for counters. Spence asked him to review his strategy. 10-9 Spence (49-46 Spence)

Thursday (11:55 AM) : Garcia wants to face, but Spence's attack opens a foul. The left hook from Spence. Combination. Garcia must do something. Spence is clear and precise. A triple blow to Spence's land. Cling to the body. Garcia slips into the body. Heavy left arm for Spence. Spence kills Garcia with another left hand and an aperkat. Hard body hook. Garcia with his right hand. But this was Spens' circle … again. 10-9 Spence (39-37 Spence)

Round 3 (11:52 AM): It's hardly left to Spens to the body. Another body fired by Spence. The second. Right left down the middle of Spence. The left hook from Spence. Spens hard left hook. Garcia understands it well. Spence with right hook. Spence throws another blow on the body. Thudding hook. This is all Spence in the third. 10-9 Spence (29-28 Spence)

Round 2 (23:48) : Garcia tries to find the entry point, but Spence controls the range with the sting. The left hook at Spence falls on the chin. Garcia is moving forward. Spence slowly opens the attack. Garcia needs to land something to gain respect. Garcia hits his right hand. Left hand above the top. Garcia with a combination. Left hump for the body. Hardly left Spence. Work is increasing. A double blow from Spence. 10-9 Garcia (19: 19 t

Round 1 (23:43): Spence starts aggressively and fires a blow. Singing fills the stadium for both fighters. Garcia is calm and assembled. Spens digs the left hip on the body. Spence's left hand is left in the middle. A jab. Mikey misses a slow hook. Spence goes back to the body. The circle goes to Spence. 10-9 Spence.

11:32 p.m. : Errol Spence goes to the ring with Lancaster HS band playing "Mo Bambu", followed by Iella Beezi. Prio. This is great. Time is.

11:27 p.m: Time for the main event! Here's Mike Garcia with the Mariachi band. A loud part of fans who support Garcia in Spence's hometown.

David Benavidez demolishes J & # 39; Love Love in two rounds

11:02 p.m. : The second circle is that love returns back, because aggressive style almost killed him in the first round. Benavidez with five more combinations. The right hook from Benavide sends love to heaven. And the judge stops him. One-way traffic. The referee finishes at 1:14. There is no reason to believe that Benavidez can not destroy everyone at 168. Terrible, terrible fighters. And he's only 22 years old.

23:00: Love comes forward and Benavidez eats it up with ease. This will not last long if it's a loving strategy. Benavidez gives Love a left hook and attacks it with wild powers. It's just the first round, but Love is right there smoking.

10:51 p.m.: The bout on the rocking kept us, but we returned to him while David Benavidez (20-0, 17 KOs) was on the line against J & # 39; Leon Love (24-2-1, 13 KO). This is Benavidez's first fight after suspension due to a positive cocaine test last fall. He lost the title of VBC of 168 pounds and is now on the way to reverse the title. As for Love, the once-highly-acclaimed Maiveather Promotions' perspective wants to re-establish its career on the right track after an unstoppable performance against Peter Kvilin.

Luis Neri has four nails on McJoe Arroio to secure the fifth round of the TKO

10:10 p.m. : Take the trucks through Arroio in the fourth round. Arroio is trying everything he can, but Neri knocks him twice to the end of the circle. Arrow's corner has a tough decision. Do not let him take more punishment. They make the right decision and the fight stops before the start of the fifth round. A smart move. Fight for another day.

10:05 p.m. : Arroio has never been stopped before, but twice fell on the brilliant Luis Neria. The left hook gives the result in the third round. Arroio will have to do something special, but there's simply no pop.

10:00 hours. : Neri lowered her heavy skin and dropped Arroio with her left hand in the second round. Arroio is trying to fight him, but Neri has shown extraordinary speed and strength.

9:44 p.m. The next will be a continuation of rivalry between Mexico and Puerto Rico, while Mexico Luis Neri (28-0, 22 KOs) has been placed against McChero Arroio (18-2, 8 KOs).

Chris Arreola strikes Juan Pierre Augustin for TKO in the third round

9:33 p.m.: I guess we found out what happened because Augustin was hit with his right hand, and his legs turned to spaghetti. Arreola quietly asks to put a big right hand in to pull him in. He manages to fit his feet and the judge administers what is equivalent to a driving test in a drunken state. It does not take long after Arreola jumps to the wounded Haitian and forced a break in the third round.

9:30 p.m. .: Arreola bleeds from the nose. Augustin shot in two rounds. What's interesting is that Augustin is doing well, but we did not see him react to a big shot. It's almost inevitable that something hard will hit him.

9:22 p.m. .: PPV is in progress with Chris Arreola (37-5-1, 32 KOs) in the heavyweight title against Jean Pierre Augustin (17-0-1, 12 KOs). Arreola looks small and shaped.

Charles Martin gets DK win after multiple low blows

8:48 p.m. : In the eighth round, Corbin won his fourth shot and the referee had enough. Charles Martin will win anyway, but this stinks. Corbin did not have more than 30 shots in the fight, but about 1/3 was below the belt.

8:41 p.m. Corbin finally did something, but he will not help him win. In the past three rounds, he dropped a low kick. He lost three points and there is really no hope. In the end, you have a DK guy who refuses to hit anywhere above the belt, right?

8:28 p.m.: So far, it's all Charles Martin. Corbin's best advantage so far is his ability to hit. Entering the fourth round and Corbin will have to do something to keep his undefended record intact.

8:11 p.m. : Welcome to Sporting Nevs on Live at Errol Spence vs. Mikei Garcia. We start broadcasting FS1 with heavy players like Charles Martin (25-2-1, 23 KOs) squad with Gregory Corbin (15-0, 9 KOs). This is free and then we will switch to Fok PPV for the main card at the top of the clock.

Errol Spence vs. Mikei Garcia combat map

MatchThe classBelt
Errol Spence Jr. vs. Mikei GarciaVelterweightIBF
David Benavidez vs. J & # 39; Leon LoveSuper middle
Luis Neri vs. McJoe ArroioBantamweight
Chris Arreola vs. Jean Pierre AugustinHeaviveight
Gregory CorbinHeaviveight

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