Sunday , January 29 2023

Steam Winter Sale is live, from January 20th to 3rd


The sale of the Steam Steam sales began, which took place until January 3 at 1 pm. PT. The valve has several games on the platform, as always, as well as a special campaign that starts with the sales period. This year's seasonal metagame is called Ektremeli Cozi Cottage, a space in which players can apply for badges, backgrounds, emoticon and special "knick-knacks".

Knick-knacks are available with the usual merchant cards Steam Vinter Sale, according to Valve, but have different collection requirements. In order to unlock them, players have to communicate with the landing page of the Hut to open the door that hides behind. Different doors open every day, each with unique gifts. Today's series, for example, includes the Lip Balance item, which can be used to upgrade the Knick-Knack badge badge.

These items expire on February 2 at noon PT, so you are regularly checking if you are serious about Steam badges. Valve promises that more information will come on December 24 at 10:00 PT.

In the meantime, Steam Vinter Sale includes discounts on games such as KSCOM 2, Iakuza 0, Battlefields PlaierUnknovn i Hellblade: Senua Sacrifice by as much as 75 percent. See the rest of the list on Steam.

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