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Takeavais: R.J. Barrett lives up to the hyke's electrifying debut Duke


It took only a few things before it was confirmed: R.J. Barrett is absolutely the right thing.

18-year-old from Mississauga, Ont. And the NBA's first-class draft project took a central stage in its NCAA debut for Duke on Tuesday evening versus Kentucky and lived up to the excitement that followed him for a better part two years ago.

Barrett had 20 points at half time and made his mark on the field as he flickered his advanced, comprehensive game while Blue Devils did an easy job in Kentucky.

Here are some exemptions from Barrett's debut game and a win against Duke 118-84:


There are no drawbacks of Duke fans, and even more fans of the columnists who openly disparage Blue Devils. To be honest, it does not matter what camp you are in – this team may have already achieved the status of must-watch.

The team managed to quickly start from the beginning and never slowed down by exhibiting with such high-quality accents in one evening, as some colleges took the entire season to accumulate.

The first impressions went something like this:

Headed with Barrett and five-year-old colleague Zion Villiamson – more about him for a moment – they shot at traffic and pushed the ball with purpose. Duke had 59 points at half time. It was fun to watch, and the activity and athletic maturity of Duke's stars was a clear advantage.

This is a scary understanding of the opponent, Kentucky, can boast of a list that is loaded with top recruits and elite athletes; The long part of the game felt like looking at an intense NBA draft in 2019 combining scrimmage. Ali Barrett & Co. completely ran his opponent from start to finish, defeating 34 points and giving John Calipari the worst loss of his NCAA training career.

There was not just an insult where the duke damaged. They also installed 10 stolen cars in Kentucky and charged 15 revolutions leading to several Blue Devils.

A systemic, sensitive college basketball that often offers college can make the on-court product less fun to watch. Needless to say that this Duke team is a notable exception.

Barrett's abuse

There were many impressive moments from Barrett in his first game that illustrated how good he is already. Choose.

For example, there is a uniform dribbling behind the back that leads to a difficult one and a layout with his hand.

Or, on the next property, this strong coastline to the coast ends on a canvas:

The Supreme Recruit has accomplished in many ways, finding especially success in reaching the basket and ending up close to the hoop. Finished with 33 points, the biggest break-duck ever made his debut, shooting 50 percent of the floor, and also crashed three of the three.

Barrett has a mature play that helps him to be effective in a number of situations, either in semi-court sets, in a quick break, or improvisation during broken performances. She reads well the court and releases six assists, showing good recognition while quietly passing double teams to open the shooters.

He really stressed his strength. He seems to have commanded several defenders when he had a ball under the shirt and, although he missed some chances, he was active around the hoop and surprisingly effectively tortured his way.

This power is also on the screen when it puts the ball on the floor and seems to attack the attack, helping Barrett stay in control while creating a chaos around him.

On the heels of the release of Jamal Murray in 48 points, one day earlier, on Tuesday, he was another reminder of the Canadian wave of basketball growth. Barrett has a chance to be a special talent and to see how he takes control of the stage as he felt significant.

If Barrett is already well, where will his game be in six months? What about six years?

Iron Lion Zion

It does not matter that Barrichello's big night is taken away by Villiamson, an internet sensation that has accumulated almost two million instagram followers and has become a legend of a mix-tape in high school.

Villiamson, for mistrust, is a sentence-definition nakazo and perhaps the most capable dunker in NCAA history. Not really. He's in the conversation.

He is six meters seven, 285 pounds and boasts an unimaginable vertical jump of 45 inches. In short: Williams is as tall as Kawhi Leonard, weighing 20 pounds from Jonas Valanciunas, and yet somehow collecting tall as Zach LaVine.

He is a physical anomaly and the most reliable light generator that will happen on the scene for a decade.

Williams finished with 28 points and seven records, while he also squeezed a long-time jumper who will surely help him make one of the most desirable forces that will soon arrive in the NBA court.

Zion seems to be a star. And Barrett. Yes, it's just one game, but looking at them to share a court with everyone, you can not help but feel like looking at the iconic collective duo in the making.

At one point in the second half, Barrett and Villiamson almost surpassed the entire Kentucky team – and Vildcats entered the game more at national rankings – setting 47 points at 51st Kentucky.

With Barrett and his colleagues with almost secure talented and one-day talents, it will not be much more night like the one we saw on Tuesday night before going to their separate ways in the NBA next season.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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