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"The Big Bang theory Kalei Cuoco returns to fans Asking if she is pregnant


Harlei Kuinn loud actor Kalei Cuoco provoked some frustration at Instagram after fans asked him for pregnancy, while in fact she was just tilted into the dress.

In a photo published Instagram two days ago, Cuoco tends to kiss his wife. Because she wore a dress, some commentators speculated that the material had fallen as she leaned forward and made her look pregnant.

Cuoco, who is not pregnant, was not particularly enthusiastic about answering these questions, it seems, and she took the Instagram story to invite comments.

Although Cuoco blurs the commentator's name, they put them in an explosion:

"I'm so sorry that I leaned in the way my dress froze in the wind and made you think it," she said, adding: "Question: Will you come to me and ask that right on my face?"

It's not uncommon for celebrities to get questions about pregnancy based on irregular fluctuations or wardrobe, so this is not the first time that Cuoco has been false positives. And while it seems to be pretty hard in an invisible quisotone, remember that not only can it be a little offensive to be asked by strangers if you are pregnant … but as an actor, she might potentially lose her job if the wrong rumors were occupied she will be pregnant in the next few months.

People indicates that something similar happened in October, and again Cuoco went to Instagram to extinguish the flames.

"So, because I'm in traffic, I thought I'd use this time to comment on some Instagram's trolls," she wrote at the time. "Yesterday, I sent a picture from my sister and I from the event last night and people said I got pregnant. Would you ever come to someone in the street or at an event they were obviously dressed up and said," Are you pregnant? "She said . "It's so comical and shocking what people would ask … I'm not pregnant. I suppose it was a pregnant corner. Seriously, shut up. "

Big Bang Theory return to the TV in early January to the end of the last season.

Cuoco's Harlei Kuinn premieres on DC Universe at the end of 2019.

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