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The Big Read – Mumford And Sons

Here, as the NME video player falls on the camera path, things get a little tense. Mumford and Marshall are generous with their time and approach to the conversation and do their best to adapt to the topics that turn around through their comfort zone – work – and the watershed waters of personal and political issues. But it is also painfully obvious that they do not particularly enjoy the issue of such issues.

For example, they laugh nervously when I point out that Barack Obama appeared in the White House in 2012, and asked if they would feel inclined to do the same for Donald Trump.

Marcus eventually – quickly – decides, but Vinston refuses to answer; says that he has a boring hearing about the president ("I have Trump ennui") and after a long break he explains: "I have a little frustration about politicizing music. I do not mind when the artists are political, but I think that politics is fucking complicated. when we made a promotion for "Vilder Mind" – we never asked about politics. People did not care, but now everyone has a fucking opinion. It's all, "This is politics, politics is it." It's a big change. "

In that climate, was he surprised by the reaction caused by the photo given by Jordan Peterson?

"I think we all think differently about this," says Winston. "The answer to this question could be reduced to some sort of clickthrough. I did not believe in any of the things that were written [about the photo]. Even [people] saying that he is right-wing, which I think is not true. I really did not care about his politics; I'm more interested in his psychology and his second job. "

Asked to expand to Peterson's psychology, Winston replied: "I would not do it by justice. Observing mythology and its biblical series [of YouTube lectures] It's fascinating. I do not know if it's right or wrong; He's much better read by me. I do not read it alone – I read many other things, and I think that everyone should read widely. If you read something, find out who has the opposite opinion and read this guy to form your ideas. "

Speaking of religion: every time Mumfords publish the album, critics separate the texts of Bible references, which are usually multiple. Other respondents noted that Marcus looks less enthusiastic in researching this, although it is natural for people to be interested, since his parents in 1991 founded the Evangelical Churches of the vineyards of Great Britain and Ireland, and he met with Mulligan in Christian Holiday camps were children. In any case, he is really looking for this time: "Delta" is filled with religious images.

From the "Guiding Light": "Eout when there is no star in sight / You will always be the only guide. "From the Evangelical Impact" 42 ":" If this is our last hope / We will see the sign. "There are even the rings of the indie R & B song called" Rose of Sharon, "a phrase that deals with the Bible.

Marcus insists that he does not really think about the story of religion and says: "The lead light" has nothing to do with religion – if it means to some people, we have no problems with it. "He adds:" I think it's less religious and spiritual. There is less of this on the record than it is [previous albums], but I understand why people would go there and that does not bother me. "

He is not religious, but he feels "tied spiritually". He explains: "I really like Jesus – he looks like a good guy. I have a friend who loves Jesus, but he would not be called a Christian because he comes with so many luggage." We are part of a generation that does not like to be tagged. feel like a generation of parents, for which we may not report. "

When he was a teenager – a stereotypical stage for the rebellion, for the provocative power – has he ever rejected the religious attitudes of his parents? "I never rejected him," he says. "I have great respect for what my parents do, they are wonderful people, I always love them very much and what they do." But he never wanted to be a pastor himself? "No, I do not think so. I never really knew what I wanted to do – I never imagined I was in the band."

When I read texts on the heart attack of the "Beloved" acoustic track, on which Marcus sings, "She says: "The Lord has a plan / But admits it is pretty hard to understand"Answers:" Well, she actually said that, "talking about her grandmother, whose death she had previously mentioned.

"I was sitting with someone while they died," he says, "a lot of people did it and I do not think I'm changing your life. When you grow up, you think other people are covered." "You think your parents are doctors or whatever." then this is, no one can really control this chaotic thing in which we live. At those moments, at the beginning of life and in the end, there is an element of wildness that fascinates me. In the end I wrote a lot about it. "

As a result, Marcus explains: "I was thinking more about mortality last year than before."

Has an apartment near Grenfell Tover; He stood on his window and watched the building. "I went along with many other people in the community," he says. "They came out when the government failed, it was like a war zone – you could try ash in your mouth, that really changed my life." Grenfell was a tale of loudness that led to helplessness. These things, inevitably, have bigger roles but going to a pub when you have 20. "

When I emphasize that his building must be significantly different from Grenfell, he replies: "I feel like it took something like this to make the community together more. But I do not think anyone would want to socialize the area in one way or the other. that everyone is equally listened to, which has not happened, I think that people like diversity in that area. "This community passes through all the divisions we spend a lot of time thinking and talking." "The heritage of Grenfell is a change of culture and community celebration."

In "Delta" there is darkness and light – a recent interview lists a group that says there is a new record of "death, depression and divorce". Today Marcus writes: "There are a few difficult things, but when you try to summarize four adult lives for three years, it will sound pretty melodramatic. You will not write about the damp isolation of your home, which is another" D "."

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