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The BMV M2 2019 is entertaining at a higher level

In the world of BMV, M-models are kings. Cars like M3, M4 and M5 represent the fastest, most exclusive and most expensive models in Bavarian stability. Competitive models take things a step further, with adjusted suspensions and upgraded engines that deliver maximum performance.

When we say that the M2 competition is as good as the BMV, it should not be a surprise. It does not offer a luxurious experience with the neighbor's Ks5 crossover, but the M2 Competition is so much fun that you will not care.


In the past, most BMV's BMV models have been sold along with their standard models. This is not the case here, as the BMV M2 Competition 2019 replaces the 2018 M2 in the lineup. This means that all 2019 models have a stiff chassis, a new exhaust system and a new engine. An inline six-cylinder twin-turbo engine is the same basic power that you get in the BMV M3 or M4, producing 410 horsepower.

2019 BMV M2 Competition

Combined with an optional double-clutch transmission, this engine will retire at 60 mph in 4.0 seconds. Choosing a handbook slows things down a little bit because you miss the launch control and the lightning movements of the automatic box. BMV's double-clutch boxes replace the gear in just a few milliseconds, so we would underestimate the speed if we said it happened in a moment's eye.

Of course, many cars have more powerful engines and incredible gearboxes. What makes the M2 Competition the most fun car we've ever seen is the superb setting of the chassis and suspension. With an excessively enthusiastic silencer, you can easily return your back to each round if you want.

No matter how many times you push it around or how foolish you are, the M2 competition will not bite you. Even with the excluded stability control, it's incredibly easy to slip, but it's almost impossible to turn around. If you skate and you want to drag, the quick blade move to a higher gear or relaxing gas will pull it back without an incident.

2019 BMV M2 Competition

With a precise steering mechanism that gives the driver a lot of feedback, this behavior helps M2 Competition to be one of the most advanced cars on the market. Whether you want to go through the corner or take it at a high speed without having to go back, this BMV is so well balanced that you can drive it consistently and reliably as you wish. In addition, there is also a way of monitoring for stability control that allows you to have fun but will intervene and reduce power if you are in danger of losing control.

It's not just the funniest BMV that is being sold or the most advanced sports coupe. It is truly one of the most exciting and balanced vehicles in sales at any cost. At $ 67,045, this is an inferiority for performance.


If you are looking for a luxury vehicle, you probably have come to the wrong place. The money in this car went to the incredible driving condition and driving experience, not on the basis of technique and decadent interior.

The M2 competition looks like a version of the latest generation of BMV's iDrive infotainment system, which is perfectly usable but not exciting or top-notch. The interior has a lot of dark plastic and hard buttons, which serve their function, and that nobody is interested in it. Again, this is not a luxury experience.

2019 BMV M2 Competition

This is particularly noticeable at low speeds throughout the cities, where the stiffness of the BMV's drive can become tiring. It hits the holes without much softening, although it relaxes considerably on the highway and is always quiet. If you are planning to drive one through towns and traffic daily, it's a tough sale.

If you are looking for pure performance and fun, only a few things need to be considered. First, BMV continues its tradition of producing cars that just do not sound so great. The engine has no sound sense for the occasion provided by cars from Alfa Romeo and Mercedes.

Finally, a double clutch transmission is unpleasant. Look at it and notice that there is no "park" position or button. So, you can assume that you should leave it in a neutral position and set a parking brake, but if you do, the car will not let you lock the door because it is not "secured" by rolling. Instead, leave the transmission in the drive and turn off the car, which then puts it in the park. It's so terribly unintelligible that I'm not sure how they ever came up.

Fortunately, since this vehicle is fun, you can solve this problem by going on an exciting manual transmission.

2019 BMV M2 Competition

How we chose it

The M2 competition starts at $ 59,895 with the cost of the destination. A $ 550 budget if you do not want it in white. We are pretty prone to Long Beach Blue, but there is also a great orange color and a Hockenheim Silver picture on our test car.

The competition also features beautiful exclusive wheels that did not come to the test car, as he drove on winter tires to save his life in Detroit. They would skip the executive and double-clutch gearbox, but the dark cabin would benefit from a $ 1,050 armor. It brings a total of $ 61,495.

Last thoughts

The M2 competition disappeared a few weeks ago, but we can not stop thinking about it. It was incredible, it's easy to secure your place as the funniest car we've been driving. That our suitable specification is only available for just north of $ 60,000 is truly incredible.

It's not a luxury car. It's not a technological ship. It's not even the fastest thing. What is the most fun, most likely and most exciting thing you can get for a price.


Exterior: 4.5

Indoor space: 2.5

Driving Experiments: 5

Value: 5

Total: 4

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2019 BMV M2 Competition

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