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The finders of the finder? The buyer finds $ 7.5 million in cash in a warehouse in southern California

Dan Dotson, the famous face of A & E Realty shov "Storage Vars," stood at a charity event in India on November 1, when a calm woman came to him.

She had a story to tell auctioneers.

Her friend bought a storage unit from Dotson a month earlier in Southern California – and found $ 7.5 million in cash in the store. It was a surprise for the buyer and the auctioneer.

"It was an incredible story," Dotson told The Desert Sun, reminding him of the exchange. "She said," Just to tell you this story, my husband works for the guy who bought the unit from you and there he was safe. ""

Storage Wars

Buyer buys US $ 7.5 million storage units in Southern California after stock storage auctions in October 2018

Dan Dotson / American auctioneers

Dotson tried to hear a woman over the dash of events – Auction Cars, Stars and Rock N Roll auction in India, a city known for hosting the Coachella Vallei Music and Arts Festival.

But he caught the climax of the story: "She says," the unit was safe. The first man could not open it, so they called another man and he had $ 7.5 million, and I say "$ 7.5 million?" It says: & # 39; Cash & # 39 ;. "

Dotson declined to name the woman, the city where the unit or name of the new unit owner was sold, citing reasons for privacy and security. This auction was not recorded for the popular A & E series.

Dotson said when the original warehouse owners found out that the store had been sold, they had a lawyer to contact the new owner to negotiate a refund contract. The lawyer initially offered to the new owner of the $ 600,000 unit of $ 7.5 million, but ultimately agreed to keep $ 1.2 million and return the rest.

Dotson and his wife Laura talked about the story on an IouTube video released on November 7th. On the video, Laura Dotson asks the viewers what to do with the money.

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"I'd be worried," she said. "I do not think it will be pure money."

Laura Dotson says the history of storage space is sometimes a mystery – sometimes the owner goes away, he forgets to pay the rent, ends up in prison, or even passes.

"Who knows, but this happens all the time, and it's a modern treasure hunt," she said.

While Dan and Laura Dotson are known as Storage Vars auctioneers, this sale was just a routine sale through Calimesa in the US auction in California.

But Dan Dotson said he would talk the story for the next 20 years. While his work led to buyers who found many great treasures, none of the units had ever experienced so much money in their experience.

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Storage Vars2

Buyer buys US $ 7.5 million storage units in Southern California after stock storage auctions in October 2018

Dan Dotson / American auctioneers

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