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The strong way to start the season begins with a loss in Boston


BOSTON – These Beant's ghosts are not yet invented.

And indeed, it will not be until Maple Leaf does not eliminate Boston Bruins in the playoffs one spring.

Leafs, with a goalkeeper Garret Sparks at the third start of 2018-1919, they were strong early in TD Garden on Saturday night, but were eventually overwhelmed Patrice Bergeron

and companies, losing 5-1 to suffer their first loss of time in the season.

For Sparks, between the Bergeron line David Pastrnak i Brad Marchand was an eye opener. The trio had nine points, which was in progress with the Pastrakov het trick.

"I think that the immediate, obvious thing is their chemistry and how they look for each other in the zone," Sparks said. "It's not that they want to set one another to a distance of 10 meters, they made passages 50, 60 feet and one-time.

"It's just a different look, there are not many such lines in the NHL, and there was an interesting experience against them. I know what I need to do next time if I want to get the best out of them."

At the first appearance of Leafs in the arena since the Game 7 debacle last April, Sparks ended with 29 savers. Leafs had 41 blows on Bruins's goalkeeper Jaroslav Halak, press it to carry the load Tuukka Rask on a personal holiday, or just John Tavares achieved. The goal of Leafs got another 30 seconds in the second period after Boston had a 3-0 lead.
With 19 points (10 goals and nine assists) in 17 matches, Tavares is in a rhythm of 48 goals and 92 points. Both would be a career.

Starting a four-game tour, Toronto failed to win their first seven road games for the second time in the history of the team.

The only time it happened was 1940-41, and it should not be a surprise that for the first time in Toronto lost the road in that season in Boston with 5-2 points on December 17th. So Bruins broke Leafs hearts forever.

Leafs gather in wardrobe during the second period, Elliotte Friedman Reported Hockei Night in Canada it's Leafs general manager Kile Dubas told interested teams to indicate which players will offer – and show which players will not be willing to trade – for unsigned wings Villiam Nilander.

Through a team of media relations staff, Dubas refused to comment on Nilander and was not available to reporters.
With the deadline of December 1 to sign Nilander within three weeks, it is cautious to seriously explore Dubai for all opportunities involving a limited free agent. This takes into account that Leafs' first wish is to re-sign Nilander, but it is Dubas's responsibility to have plans for emergency situations if it becomes clear that this will not be possible.

Leafs got pretty good without Nilander, but without both of them Auston Matthews and Nilander in the stand, are 3-3-0.

Before Tavares reached the end of Halak's extinction offer, Bruins won the second goal in the second period of the Asparagus, one with the same strength and one at power.

Bergeron has helped both goals, and with his first goal in the first period has 62 points in 65 career games against Toronto.

Leafs failed to build Tavares goal in the third, as Pastrnak achieved the power and Joakim Nordstrom got Boston's fifth goal 26 seconds later.

Leafs scored 20 goals in the first period – most at any time this season – and Bruins held six goals a goal. Bergeron scored the only goal in the opening 20 minutes.

"It's a 60-minute game," the defender Morgan Rielli said. "It's important to have a good start, I thought we did it, and then we did not really follow it."

Sparks did not play since October 15. There is a likelihood that he will be playing on Friday in Anaheim, and this is the second game. Despite being abstained, he said he did not feel bad in bed.

"It's a new challenge, sitting for a long time between the start," Sparks said. "You almost forgot the feeling that you are in the network. You try to say that practice is your game, but you just can not make the game again, so if I get one more chance, I will do a little more with it.

"It's a day-to-day process to get closer and closer to where I want to be. I do not think someone's peak in November, right?"

He told the coach Mike Babcock performance of Sparks: "Well, I mean, I do not know. I did not look at the tape, so I really can not tell you. The bottom line is to win together and lose together."


Leafs do not spend much time losing Game 7 against Bruins and in the way they did it – but they do not deny the learning gained from such an experience.

Toronto had the advantage of one goal that came in the third period of the night of April 25, but fell apart in the past 20 minutes, and lost 7-4 in the summer with a big bunch of bitterness.

"You can not really put a value on how it's played in the competition series, but I think when you return to the camp next year, you're all a little mature, a little more experienced, and you learn a lot from those playing games," Riel said. "Only trust and more comfortable. I think that these experiences really go a long way.

"There is not really one thing you can take away when it comes to playing a game, it's more a trip experience, playing games in a player – the loss of a road game play is brutal. Learn the importance of games 1 and 2 (when the leaves were not good). to learn, but this is not a special thing. It's a total experience. "

Center Nazem KadriThinking was similar.

"Playing in the 7th game, especially the 7th game on the road, is very challenging," Kadri said. "I think it's part of the process of maturation, especially with young guys in our wardrobe, anyone really, gives you this feeling of urgency and understanding of what is needed for progress in the platioff series.

"(Game 7) remains a bit, but it's not something we're looking for any vengeance."

For Rielli, the months gone by made it easy to lose Bruins's hand in a clearer perspective.

"The moment it's bullshit, it's about the worst feelings when the year is over," Riel said. "We learned a lot from that, but I think it's time to leave it behind us and focus on the future more than the last series of payoffs.

"When it arrives in March and April, we want to be ready and ready from last year and make a place where we feel as we can (have success in the play).

"I think you have to take it in. The teams that are now winning and who have won in the past few years have gone through these things. At that time it's difficult because you want to win, but these are things that must happen to learn These lessons, but you want to carry them out early and start to win. "

Babcock is usually not consumed by looking at the rear view mirror, and the fall of Bruins in the post-season is no different.

"Whenever you lose in the play, you go through all the things you need, you could, and would do, and you want to be different," said Babcock. "But you can not do anything about it. We have a whole year to try to get into the position of the player to have another chance.

"What is very clear about the NHL is whether we all look like we are the same, and then when you start a plaioff, you immediately play a really good opponent."


Leafs were supposed to stay overnight in Boston and fly to Los Angeles on Sunday, with practice Monday before they took Kings on Tuesday night at Staples Center to start parts from California. The country is usually not a source of good results for Leafs, and three times with coach Babcock as a coach, Toronto is 2-6-1. Both victories – last season and one in 2015 – came to Anaheim. Expect Leafs to think ahead, probably Trevor Moore, in the next 24 hours … Bergeron may not have the same attraction as players such as electrification Connor McDavid or Matthews, but ask any NHL players about heavy opponents and Bergeron will be part of the answer. "He does it in every shift," Leafs forward Zach Himan said. "He won the faceoffs, his line has a steady pace, he does it well, he is tireless." … Marchand in the rival Leafs / Bruins: "It was a good series (in April), there are always feelings when you go through such a series The history we have with Toronto, not only last year, but over the past several decades, has really boosted the games we played against them. "… Kudos to Gary Bettman for the growth of NHL on some non-traditional hockey markets and the expansion of income in the league during his time as trustee. Is there a great reason, however, does Bettman go to the Hall of Fame while staying at work? Why do not you wait until his reign ends, so that he can properly evaluate himself completely before deciding whether he is worthy of Hall status? For some, forgetting that Bettman's rule has included several downtime, it takes a long time.

Five things we learned

Thanks for Andersen
It's a little around the ridge, as is Frederik Andersen, and Garret Sparks is no exception. It seems that sparks sometimes fight against, although Bruins's line can make it a goalkeeper.

No replies
Patrice Bergeron is used to battling Leafs, although Toronto knows what's going on, Bruins's top forward and his linemen were unstoppable. Bergeron, David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand combined for nine points.

Better than the result?
To say that the Leafs were bad and that they did not have a lot of chance to win, they would sell them short. Yes, Leafs were eliminated after the first period, but when the game was over, he had 43 attempts to shoot in a 5-for-5 game, the same number that Bruins had. Both clubs had 14 in the third period.

The Duo dominated
Although John Tavares line managed to keep pace with the Bergeron line in hard-hitting attempts, the defending pair Morgan Rielli and Ron Hainsei fought against the trio. "They played well," Riel said. "It's hard to fight. They're good."

Give up on that
Coach Mike Babcock harassed his loss, but when watching a movie for a game, he should be more thankful for some of the things Leaf managed to do. Leafs praised Bruins for 16 gifts (while they made eight) and had 15 seizures of Bruins's nine.

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