Sunday , January 29 2023

The workers were fired from the West Lorne flooring company


Erie Flooring & Vood Products's fifty-seven workers were released just in time for Christmas holidays.

Chris Austin, president of West Lorna's production company, said workers were temporarily discharged by mid or late January.

"The plant does not close," Austin said.

Saul Markues, a United Steel Vorkers Local 1-500 representative, said all workers in the union unit were dismissed except for the two.

Markues said that no date was given to them when workers would return to work.

"They do not know for sure," Markues said.

Markues said that the company usually separates some workers around the Christmas season, but this year it was enough to ensure that this does not happen.

Erie Flooring & Vood Products was purchased by the Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring Group from North York in the 1970s. The companies are engaged in the production of floor coverings since the 1920s.

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