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Alzheimer's life-changing illness, which affects not only its patients, but also the family and loved ones who help them care about them. TLC COMPANIONS AND SUPPLI offers home health care services to patients who are affected by Alzheimer's and dementia.

Massapekua, New York – November 14, 2018 – TLC COMPANIES AND SUPPLY were formed by healthcare professionals with more than thirty years of experience. They provide high quality support services for the older and Alzheimer's patients and allow them to enjoy the freedom to stay in their home.

Asked about their service, the spokesman replied: "With TLC escorts, our team of professional professionals is united in the belief that, regardless of age and physical or mental state, every individual deserves to live in the environment of his or her choice; everyone can sometimes use a helping hand, everyone needs a friend. Our mission is to meet these needs for you or your loved one, "said TLC COMPANIES AND SUPPLI spokeswoman.

TLC COMPANIES AND SUPPLI offers daily or daily or 24-day patients with Alzheimer. Their home health care in Kueens includes the preparation of meals, light hygiene, laundry, grocery shopping and service.

The spokesman continued, and at the moment there is no medicine to stop, delay or change the progression of Alzheimer's disease, there are treatments and services that can help with existing symptoms and improve the quality of life of patients. TLC Companions helped Alzheimer's patients continue with their day-to-day activities and commitments in a comfortable and familiar environment. Our companions are carefully examined and trained to provide the best care for Alzheimer's patients and ease the burden on their loved ones.

Their companions provide home health care in Kueens at any facility, including care homes, hospitals and hospices.

"If you are loved by Alzheimer's patients who are looking for the best care for them, we can help set up a customized care plan that works best with your symptoms and everyday routines. Contact TLC COMPANY & SUPPLY; we will send a traveler to your home or facility to stay with your loved one, make sure their needs are fulfilled and provide a sense of security. Everyone needs a little TLC, "said TLC COMPANIES AND SUPPLI spokesman.

TLC COMPANIONS AND SUPPLI is specialized in providing non-medical care to the elderly and patients of Alzheimer, with everyday tasks in a compassionate way. They will pair up and connect the appropriate caregiver with you or your family member. TLC Companions offers you personal attention that you or your loved ones deserve. Everyone needs a small TLC.


TLC COMPANIES AND SUPPLI are specialists in aging, patients with Alzheimer and people with special needs in Nassau, Suffolk, Kueens and Manhattan. Their home health care services by professionals Provide interaction, friendship and activities. 24/7 Live-In Care is their specialty! Everyone needs a small TLC.

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Contact person: Robin Massimi
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Phone: 516-795-2273
Address:7 Ohio Ave
City: Massapekua
Country: New York
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