Friday , May 7 2021

Too many unanswered questions

How can we pull the anchor as we traditionally choose our leaders in the storm of unquestioned questions, confusion and controversy that are hidden in unclean waters of proportional representation?

BC. Voters need and deserve answers to many questions. Will the riding measures change? Will we be part of a new rural B.C. Super riding? How much MLA do we have? Will he or him or they be from our zone? Will we even have an office for elections in our home? How much more will the MLA be? How much will it cost B.C. taxpayers? Will all of them be chosen by people or will some secretly choose the leaders of minority groups or coalitions they represent? Will all our voices really count? What happens if someone "passes through"? How will the Prime Minister be elected? What about the cabinet? How will the elections work? Is the PR designed to give the concentrated population base of the Great Vancouver and the Vancouver Islands the power to call the images for the rest of the BC? What about the rules on how other, special interests and extremist groups will form their coalitions? How would unknown and unused B.C. PR model communicates with the current traditional local and federal models of the first past? Why there were no public consultations in determining the issues on the ballot? Since they are regulated by provincial acts, will B.C. local governments and school boards have to monitor and adopt PR? How will big projects be done? How will something be done?

And the latest question: is the integrity of the referendum jeopardized by the Prime Minister's apparent effort to manipulate the outcome by putting a veto on one of the three PR options half way through the vote?

The prime minister told us not to worry, to trust him, because it will solve it after we voted for an empty check to do what he has in mind.

I was told I was scared. I am afraid that this escapade will be dragged by the thin majority of the votes that even a more precise minority of eligible voters have set.

Fresh Citizens' Assembly needs an electoral reform to openly consult and listen to people, not politicians, to propose a simple and unique question for the next elections.

And I know that I am not the only one who votes not to pull the anchor.

Ron Paull


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