Thursday , May 19 2022

Touch of the Sun: The furious sunset stops NZ-India


Rain often hinders cricket, but in New Zealand, the sun forced players to leave the field on Wednesday during a one-day international match between New Zealand and India.

The Sun, which illuminated Napier's passage, was too great for strikers, players and referees, and senior referee Sean George took the players from India to 44 for one in New Zealand.

"Everyone is protected," said George, adding that he first experienced a game that was interrupted by the sun.

The game continues after 30 minutes, and the break of the match decreases by one. India's goal has been reduced by two rounds.

In addition to normal rain and bad light, cricket matches have been stopped for various bizarre reasons over the years.

The unstoppable April Snow Storm in 2016 suspended the neighborhood of the Somerset and Surrei districts in London's Oval.

The 1980 test between India and England in Mumbai had to be repeated due to the sun's eclipse.

And the match in the home court cup of South Africa in 1995 was postponed 10 minutes after the six-shot landed in a pan with roasted squids, forcing the players to wait for the ball to cool.

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